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Amateur to Professionalism – The Underlying Facts


I am not sure as to how many are aware of the name Quora. It is one of those Q&A platforms that now stand in equal to the most popular search engine Google. I won’t be surprised if people start with Quora it – as they say, Google it for things presently.

Being an avid member of Quora myself, I often come across many people asking How to become a good writer? How should I start Writing? and the list of such questions goes on. Understanding the requirements of all those to be writers, I have come forward with some basic tips on how to become a good writer.

I hope these steps prove beneficial to not just the beginners, but also to the experienced folks. These tips prove beneficial to anyone on how to become a good writer.

Read and Write As Much as Possible

It is possibly one of the most basic and easiest methods, to begin with in the writing world. Reading books of some good authors would enable you to understand the artistic style of writing. Every new beginner starts by understanding and learning from the masters, by emulating them, and then through them, they automatically find their own voice.

It is often said that – Practice leads to Perfection. Implying on the same route even I would say Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, one has to practice it to get better. Write daily for yourself, for various other blogs, publications and enjoy doing it. In time, you automatically would get the style if you keep practicing a lot. Read more tips to write daily.

Be Clear in Approach 

One of the most important aspects which every beginner must keep in mind is the clarity of thoughts. If the writer is clear in mind as to what he/she is about to write and what would be its outcome, then any piece ever written becomes a masterpiece no matter if its small or big.

Start with a Question

Popular writers and bloggers across the globe suggest of beginning the writing piece with a Question as starting the piece with an answer would often render the piece as incomplete. The best possible way is to begin the writing piece with a question and then add up personalized thoughts.

Understand your Target Audience

Another most crucial and important aspect that differentiates a Writer and a Good Writer is that a Good Writer knows and understands his target audience. Understanding the needs and the requirements of your target audience is very important as it helps in curating a good content which ultimately becomes the sole reason of getting in the good books.

Talk it Through

Often people start writing a piece quite exuberantly, but with the passage of time the excitement fades out due to various several issues. Lack of Practice of Writing combined with the lack of proper writing schedule makes things worse. Just in case any of you find yourself stuck in such a situation, one of the best possible ways to resolve is to Talk it Through. Before you speculate the meaning of the term, let me clarify it in just one statement: The art of Conversing with each other.

Another possible way is to use a voice recorder, or even walking does help. It is often said in the Writing World that – much of great conversation and thinking is done while moving – why should we then sit and expect the great ideas to pour out of us.

Practice the Art of Deletion 

It is often told that when you are writing a piece, it is very important to stick to the main point as clichés and abstract thinking is painful to read. It might seem impossible, but even renowned writers get stuck in the opening and closing of their masterpieces.

Now before you get start realizing that yes even we faced this issue, let me tell you the solution.The best workaround to this problem is to delete the first and last paragraph as soon as you are done with the writing part and once deleted try making it short and punchy avoiding the unnecessary parts. It is important to have good Proofreading skills. Read some easy to follow tips on how to improve your proofreading skills.

Choose the Location Wisely

Yes, You read it correctly. Just like Writing on a daily basis has its own positive effect, even place of writing makes a big difference. We as Human Beings are too much stressed out and within all that chaos if we plan to pen down our thoughts, it never really works.

Being Happy and in a relaxed state affects one’s writing in a good sense. The people often complain about the stress at workplace and of lack of time to relax. Let me now give you some short tips on how to stay relaxed at a workplace.

There are plenty of other ways to relax before you actually sit down to write. You can play some energizing music, light a scented candle or bounce on an exercise ball. It can be anything that helps you unclench and relax to the core.

Experiment but Maintain Originality

I have been hearing a very common phrase, नक़ल में भी अक्ल की जरुरत पड़ती हैं  and none can deny this true fact. Every writer who begins his/her journey tries emulating the masters as well. But it does not give them the authority to completely copy-paste the original content.

One must try new things and must also experiment with style, voice and mechanics. But it’s important that one does not lose the originality of the masterpiece already written. An invention is a key, but tossing out what’s not related is equally important.

Accepting the Feedback

This might be the last point but holds equal importance as all above. We criticize a lot of things in our day-to-day lives since criticizing something is real easy. But we forget that accepting the same criticism is pretty tough. One must learn the art of accepting the feedback as well.

In the case of writing too, it is important that the writing piece gets scrutinized preferably by a good writer. Even an editor can help if he can give an honest and intelligent feedback. Listening to the feedback is equally important since it improves your content in myriad ways.

These tips look easy on the outside, but in reality are responsible for giving India some of the best bloggers. Not just bloggers, but also some good writers and authors that are gaining fame worldwide.

So, follow the Mantra that the more you write, the easier it gets. Just never stop Practicing. 🙂

Do pay a visit to the famous 22 lessons from Stephan King for more information on the topic. I am sure this article too will enlighten you a lot. You can also read the following article on tips to become a good writer.

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  • rehana shaikh
    rehana shaikh | October 30, 2017

    A huge thanks to you. It’s really helpful tips in so many professions of writing skills. I m a home maker, under graduate and 42 yrs old. I know nobody would give me job at this study or age-wise. But badly in need for work. You are definitely doing very good job by helping here people like us.
    Thanks for giving your valuable time to read my comment. Sorry if you find any grammatical mistake as my English is not so good. Blessings always. ☺

    • Manu Mathur
      Manu Mathur | October 30, 2017

      Thanks a lot Rehana for the praise. I am glad you find my blog post useful. As far as grammatical errors are concerned, I would suggest you to keep writing. The more you write, the lesser will be the chances of making an error.


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