The Mojo of Self Motivation and Some Practical Tips


One can never get enough motivation. We browse through videos, articles, and write-ups to have a periodic dose of the motivational spell. The truth is that such motivational boluses can only bring momentarily goosebumps. It is as short-lived as the high ended patriotism we feel after watching an Indo-Pak war in a Hindi movie. If the spirits have to enroot and yield desired effects we should contribute own efforts.

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Let Positivity Brim Out


Recently I met a few of my friends after a long time. And our conversations kick-started with the cliché of asking each other “How are you”. I felt sorry for the question as the perennial sources of stress and tensions started unveiling. Our supposedly warm and pleasant get together turned out to a crib meet in a few minutes. I was astonished by the way how years brought in maturity in the old kids in us and therewith unknowingly lots of negativity. In reality, the seeds of positivity are within us, awaiting us to clear out the negative weeds and get nurtured. All it needs is a few deliberate efforts from us.

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