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Bounce Rate – All You Should Know

Bounce Rate AIO Guide

Hey folks, this post on Bounce Rate is just in succession to my last post on 5 ways to make blog successful. Today, wherever you look, you would find almost everybody trying to scribble something. People write blogs today to give their overflowing minds a rest. But, can everybody who writes become a renowned blogger in a day? NO, it’s not possible because it requires practice and patience both before one sits down to write something. There are endless tutorials on NET that answers how to be a successful blogger, but their authenticity is always questionable.

Blogging as a matter of fact is a vast domain with several sub-sections to deal in. The most crucial and dreadful aspect being the hubbub around Google Analytics. This post deals in an important part of Google Analytics i.e., Bounce Rate and its importance in the world of Blogging. It is a must know subject for budding writers to understand the technical jargon before they actually step in.

What is Bounce Rate?

The term Bounce Rate often confuses people for no apparent reason. To understand the complexity of the term, you can refer to the simplest definition given below:

The percentage of single-page visits (i.e visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing page) aren’t relevant to your visitors.


Bounce Rate Equation

Familiar with the term, next question that pops up is – how to calculate Bounce Rate? You can do so yourself by simply following this equation given by the formula:

Bounce Rate Equation


However, one fear that website owners suffer is What if I have no visitors on my website? The thought itself is scary, but with simple checks you can easily avoid it. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways by which a visitor can actually bounce from your website:

  • If a visitor clicks on a link to a particular page on the website via some random web-page
  • If he/she types in a new URL
  • Unknowingly clicking the BACK button on the website
  • Session Timeout

Now, since you have made yourself familiar with the basic definition of Bounce Rate and how it’s calculated, let’s get onto the next set of topic for you guys. It’s what you actually have to keep in mind when you plan to launch your own website or blog.

Factors Affecting Bounce Rate

Before I dive in this topic let’s just do a little exercise or rather Googling. Shall we.? Open Google on your tab/smartphone or whichever tech-gadget you have and type in:

Major Factors affecting Bounce Rate of a Website

What do you observe? The moment you type in  the above string and hit ‘Enter’, Google presents you with all possible web-links it can. The real confusion starts here as you have no idea which web-link is good and which is not. So, to avoid that confusion, here I list some of the most common and widely accepted factors for affecting the Bounce Rate:

Landing Page Design

This happens to be one of the most common mistake new-comers do. Yes, even I did, but realizing it’s importance, I made some notable changes and I am glad it worked. 🙂 Landing Page is just another name for a page that the user sees on her/his first visit. Hence it becomes vital for the user to make the landing page as creative as possible. You can go through the beginners guide to Landing pages to get a better understanding on the topic.

Page Load Time

Yes, this also matters a lot for search giant Google. The more time your web-pages takes in to load, the higher your Bounce Rate gets. So, it’s always better to keep the Page Load Time to as minimum as possible. The most ideal page load time is somewhere less than 1.5 seconds helping you in gaining higher conversions. Wondering as to how can you do so. Just follow these simple tips on how to reduce your website ‘s page speed and I assure you very soon you will see positive results.

Links to other Websites

Google considers Link Building as another most important factor for calculating Bounce Rate. Although, many believe it’s good to link to other websites, some believe it otherwise. Based on my personal experience, I would also say – Link Building is good if done correctly. However, there are few aspects one needs to keep in check. Read this amazing Guide by MOZ on Link Building and you will know why its important for your website. If you still find yourself confused, no worry simply follow up with these 5 reasons to link to other websites and you will gain more insight on the topic.

Take a better look at the infographic below as it highlights some notable factors (including the ones listed above) affecting Bounce Rate and tips to improve it easily:

Bounce Rate improvement Solutions



As I have just covered few major pointers affecting Bounce Rate, I would ask my users to check out other factors themselves. Once you find yourself accustomed with all the factors, you can proceed with the next segment below.

How to Improve Bounce Rate

Finally you all can enjoy as its the last topic for this blog post. 🙂 🙂 This might be the last, but it is equally important topic which none of us should skip. When you plan to launch your website, it is important that you know the measures you ought to take in case you suffer from high Bounce Rate. These tips are easy-to-follow yet a word of caution: you got to work on these regularly if you wish to see positive results.

Quality is the KEY

Yes, this is the most important part. We do start our website with full enthusiasm, but when the results aren’t as anticipated we start losing focus. To not let that happen with you, you must write quality content. The content has to be user-friendly yet informative at the same time. You can’t just write anything just for the sake of writing. A while back, quantity had a considerable impact on Bounce Rate, but now it’s more about the Quality. To understand this simple formula, read along 10 reasons why quality content matters and I am sure, all your confusion would get cleared instantaneously.

Right Audience Matters

Apart from the quality content, it is important that your blog/website attracts the right audience. You must emphasize on using relevant keywords to attract the audience that matters. It’s always better to have quality audience then having lots of unwanted audience on the website. Another important factor is creation of proper meta-descriptions for search engine users. Read more about the importance of meta-descriptions and implement them accordingly onto your website. It will not only create a lot of difference to your ranking but other aspects of the site too.

Pop-ups Annoy

A very unusual reason for Bounce Rate to increase right? NO, it is one of the commonly overlooked factors that we ignore. Pop-ups are a thing of the past and websites try not placing them now. Pop-ups disrupt user experience annoying the incoming traffic. If pop-ups have nothing constructive to share, then its better to avoid them completely.

Right Navigation

One important point that makes your website and others different is proper navigation. Giving users a clear navigation lets them search for content they are looking for. You can also direct him to some other relevant content giving him/her means to stay on your website/blog.

If one not finds what he/she comes for onto your website, there are chances of him/her going back that automatically means rise in Bounce Rate. You can follow these easy-to-follow ways to keep your user hooked onto your website.

There are several other ways possible to improve Bounce Rate. The right approach can make all the difference in the world. Give users some way to reconnect like for instance your social profiles. If they do find ways to follow you back, they surely would engage themselves with your website or blog in some way.

Please let us know your feedback on this blog post via comments section below. You can also let us know other ways you followed in to reduce Bounce Rate on the website and we surely would hear you out. 🙂

Image courtesy: Kissmetrics

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