Recently I met a few of my friends after a long time. And our conversations kick-started with the cliché of asking each other “How are you”. I felt sorry for the question as the perennial sources of stress and tensions started unveiling. Our supposedly warm and pleasant get together turned out to a crib meet in a few minutes. I was astonished by the way how years brought in maturity in the old kids in us and therewith unknowingly lots of negativity. In reality, the seeds of positivity are within us, awaiting us to clear out the negative weeds and get nurtured. All it needs is a few deliberate efforts from us.

People generally crave to lead a peaceful and happy life. All our efforts are channeled to facilitate such alluring lives to our self and our dear ones. However, it is worth giving a thought if we are, as a major community getting distracted from this ultimate goal and are entangled in the petty problems of life. Aren’t we paying undue attention to those small flaws and blemishes of life and thereby underrating the value of our own smiles and laughter? All of us confront problems on a day to day basis, be it small or big. Despite these being very subjective, why don’t we give it a try to lessen the burden as far as possible? After all attitude matters! A change in perception can possibly do wonders. Here is a humble attempt to list down a few ways to infuse positivity and spread smiles.

Smile more often

Wear that most beautiful accessory, the one that always compliments your looks whatever the outfits be. Let it go viral. Trigger out the happy hormones and bring out the best version of you. You might need a reason to depress yourself, but certainly not to withhold a smile. Apparently, it always adds to one’s aura and charisma. Free yourself from the negative ties and welcome each day and every acquaintance with a pleasing smile. First impression talks volumes. A smile is not just beauty, but confidence.

Stop Cribbing

Challenges pop up in the most unexpected ways. What can be done is to find solutions and confront. Let not the problems eat your head and spoil your mood. If we have solutions, try them out. If not then why do we even bother? We often keep cribbing about the problems and this develops a negative energy around us. Cribbing delivers a negative impression about us to others. People love to be in positive circles, so why not spill out positivity?

Say No to Gossiping

Nod your head to gossiping. Let’s try out this way, be positive in your words, actions and attitude. What you speak about others talks a lot about you and the virtues you hold. Appreciate the good in others and do not let gossips flow through you. Be choosy in your words and carry dignity in your conversations and actions.

Place the goodies on top of the list

Life is a blend of good and bad experiences. Let’s learn and practice to prioritize the goodies and place them on top of visibility. Count your blessings more often and be thankful that the bad happenings could not be worse. Spirituality and strong faith may help to find the positive side of everything zoomed in.

Stay healthy

Healthy mind vests in a healthy body. Keep yourself fit and strong with a good diet and regular physical exercises. Yoga and meditation are highly recommended for the overall health and well-being of mind and body. Why not spare an hour a day for such incredibly beneficial routine? Breathe in a little more positivity each day.

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Appreciate the little joys

Appreciate the minute joys of life, for all of them pays a smile on your face. Explore the beauty around, nature has a lot to offer you. Never hesitate to take up opportunities to travel. Spend time on what you would really love to. Anything from a kid’s smile to a look of gratitude can make your days much more beautiful. Voice out how good someone or something makes you feel.

Empathize the less fortunate

We often keep complaining about the fortunes we missed in life. On the contrary, try to look around to those less fortunate crowd. Empathize with people and extend a hand of help in possible ways. Many times mind pays you better satisfaction than materials. A happy mind is a positive mind.

Bring out the joyful you

It’s perfectly okay to be a weirdo whenever we are with the right crowd at the right time. I don’t think you will deny the fact that it feels great and much lighter to bring out the mischievous kid in you. Be open to healthy jokes and never miss a good laughter. Laughing hard until the stomach aches and tears brim out are one of the rarest pleasures we can enjoy.

Engage with the right people

We are more or less a derivative of the crowd we tend to be with. Each of us gets traces of influence from the people around. Nevertheless, it’s very important to choose your tribe. Be with people who can bring out the best in you, motivate you and develop you as a person and reciprocate the same.

Master your hobbies and flaunt yourself

Engage yourself in productive hobbies. Master your skills and flaunt them to the world. A sense of self-respect and worthiness can add on to your personality considerably. It is a great distraction from negative thoughts and can boost up your confidence level.

Dress up

Never take a back seat when it comes to grooming yourself. Love and pamper yourself and spare some time to bring out your stunning looks. Shop for yourself and keep your spirits high. Dress up with confidence and present yourself to others in most appealing ways. Be your best version every time you walk out. Do you really mind adding on a few more admirers? Be positive and radiate positivity anywhere and everywhere possible.


Be the self-motivator

Anyone else can only second the motivator inside you. Talk to yourself and explore the miracle. Lend your ears to what actually you look forward and strive hard to turn your dreams true. Remember, nobody listens to your urge better than you. Listing down your wish list and checking each as you fulfill them can motivate you. A dreamer can not only turn own dreams true but can help others reach their dreams.

Be proud of yourself

Take pride in yourself, for each of us are so unique in our own ways. Be the advocate of own virtues and hold them tight. Live a life that you would want others to follow, one you would admire for yourself.  No one is perfect and it doesn’t actually matter. What matters is how we resurrect and learn from our mistakes.

Keep learning

Be open and dynamic to changes. Aspire for more, never let your thirst for learning quench. For learning constantly develops us, personally and intellectually. It fills in more values and helps develop better outlooks and perceptions.

Above all, be human. Let positivity brim out. Next time when you meet a crowd, may each of you have lots of positive things to talk about. Life may not be a bed of roses, but not a bed of thorns either.

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