Sleeping Less?? Some Easy Tactics to Help You Deal with Insomnia

Table of Contents Less Sleeping Aggravates Insomnia: Why You Must be Cautious? It makes You Forgetful and Dumb Insomnia Affects Your Decision-Making Power Continuous Sleeping Issue Makes You Look Obese Sleeping and Ageing- A Direct Relation Reduced Sleeping – Why… Continue Reading →

Podcasts – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners to Get Started

Table of Contents Podcasts – A Brief IntroductionSetting Up Podcasts – The Step GuideDesign a Content StrategyRight Equipment can Make all the DifferenceStart Recording, Uploading Your PodcastsPodcasts – How It Benefits You and Your Brand Conclusion The content industry has… Continue Reading →

Startup: 5 Effective Pitching Strategies You Can Always Count On

Table of Contents Startup Pitching: 5 Effective StrategiesKeep your Pitch-deck SimpleYour Story can Make a Big DifferenceGive a Practical Demonstration of your ProductRadiate Confidence And CompassionGive Your Startup Pitch-deck a Strong ClosureVerdict Do you plan to start a business of… Continue Reading →

TikTok – Indian Government Plans to Close Down the Application [UPDATED]

Looks like the golden days of the most popular TikTok app is now over. The mega-popular Chinese app future is uncertain especially after the Indian government decided to put a ban on its usage in one of its key markets… Continue Reading →

Deteriorating Mental Health of Teens: Should Technology be Blamed?

Table of Contents Mental Health: Why You Must be Cautious?Teenage Mental Health Facts: A Quick OverviewCutting Down Technology Use: What You As a Parent Can Do?Mental Health: Some Helpful RemediesThe Bottom Line Today, technology happens to be the most powerful… Continue Reading →

SEO Ranking – Why it Matters for You & How Can You Improve it?

Table of Contents SEO Ranking – Why It Matters For Your BusinessSEO – A Quick Overview SEO – Important Terms that You Must UnderstandHow Can You Assist Google Find Your Content Quickly? SEO Ranking – Handful of Tips to Improve… Continue Reading →

Storytelling – How Stories Revolutionize Our Digital Presence

Table of Contents Understand your Target Audience Make it Sound Realistic Strategize on Your Pitching TechniquePractice What You Preach Frame out Different PersonasCall to Action Verdict Creating a positive online reputation in today’s cut-throat competition isn’t a cakewalk. With the… Continue Reading →

Technology Fascinates You? Check out These 5 Emerging Trends for 2019

Table of Contents BLOCKCHAINUses of BlockchainARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI)MACHINE LEARNING (ML)Uses of Machine LearningAR + VR – A Perfect DuoROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION (RPA)CONCLUSION No one can really understand the exponential rate of change when it comes to technology. Tech experts around… Continue Reading →

5 SEO Strategies to Implement On Your Website in 2019

Table of Contents Mobile-friendly Website is Your First StepVoice Search – Your Next Big MovePage Speed – Crucial for User RetentionBrand Mentions – A Fundamental Step Quality Content – Your Stepping Stone to SuccessFinal Wrap Up This is the era of… Continue Reading →

Teenage Anxiety: The Unspoken Battle

Table of Contents Teenage Anxiety: Quick Snapshot of the Root CausesPersonal RelationshipsPeer PressureStress or Depression: A Fine Line Between the TwoTeenage Anxiety – Practical Ways to Help Them OvercomeFitness RoutineRelaxation TechniquesProper Time Management MattersRight Intake of Nutrition is Important Is… Continue Reading →

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