Keywords: How They Influence Your SEO Rankings in 2019

Table of Contents Understanding Keywords and their Importance in Search Engine Optimization Types of Keywords on the basis of their Usage Broad Match Keywords Exact Match Keywords Phrase Keywords How to Find the Right Set of Keywords for Your Content… Continue Reading →

Emotional Intelligence And Personality: How One Affects Another

Table of Contents What is Emotional Intelligence? – A Quick Overview Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Theory Self Awareness Self Regulation Motivation Empathy Social Skills Importance of Emotional Intelligence Physical Health Mental Wellbeing Personal Relationships Work Performance How to improve Emotional… Continue Reading →

Startup: How Are They Changing Overall Business Ecosystem of India?

Table of Contents Startup – Few Big Names which changed How Indians Think About Doing Business OLA CABS – Building Mobility for a Billion Indians PayTM – PayTM Karo Cars24 – Changing the way People Sell their Cars in India… Continue Reading →

Content Creation Strategy- A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents WHAT IS A CONTENT PLAN? CONTENT STRATEGY AND DIGITAL MARKETING HOW TO DESIGN AN EFFECTIVE CONTENT STRATEGY? Start with ‘WHY?’ while Creating the Content Understand your Target Audience and What Captivates their Attention Identify, Setup and Update… Continue Reading →

Sleeping Less?? Some Easy Tactics to Help You Deal with Insomnia

Table of Contents Less Sleeping Aggravates Insomnia: Why You Must be Cautious? It makes You Forgetful and Dumb Insomnia Affects Your Decision-Making Power Continuous Sleeping Issue Makes You Look Obese Sleeping and Ageing- A Direct Relation Reduced Sleeping – Why… Continue Reading →

Podcasts – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners to Get Started

Table of Contents Podcasts – A Brief IntroductionSetting Up Podcasts – The Step GuideDesign a Content StrategyRight Equipment can Make all the DifferenceStart Recording, Uploading Your PodcastsPodcasts – How It Benefits You and Your Brand Conclusion The content industry has… Continue Reading →

Startup: 5 Effective Pitching Strategies You Can Always Count On

Table of Contents Startup Pitching: 5 Effective StrategiesKeep your Pitch-deck SimpleYour Story can Make a Big DifferenceGive a Practical Demonstration of your ProductRadiate Confidence And CompassionGive Your Startup Pitch-deck a Strong ClosureVerdict Do you plan to start a business of… Continue Reading →

TikTok – Indian Government Plans to Close Down the Application [UPDATED]

Looks like the golden days of the most popular TikTok app is now over. The mega-popular Chinese app future is uncertain especially after the Indian government decided to put a ban on its usage in one of its key markets… Continue Reading →

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