Coronavirus – How is it Jeopardizing the Industrial Operations Globally

One of the biggest news of the moment is the widespread release of the Coronavirus. The sudden outbreak of the virus in China has frozen the entire world’s economy majorly impacting countries like Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Through this blog post, we help you understand – what is Coronavirus, how it spreads and how can you safeguard yourself from its aftermath? Alongside this, we will also walk you through the list of some major industries and companies the virus is impacting across the globe.

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Work-life Balance – Why is it the Need of the Hour?

“It’s nearly midnight and Richa is still editing her supposedly last e-mail for the client before going to the bed. These trivial edits of full-stops and semicolons are now simply frustrating her.” She promised herself at the beginning of this month that she would keep her work and personal life separate and would maintain her work-life balance. But clearly, she failed in achieving her monthly goals.

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Emotional Intelligence And Personality: How One Affects Another

Have you ever felt dissatisfied or unhappy even after performing well at academics or at work front? How many times have you felt that you aren’t able to understand your feelings or of the people around you? Have you ever felt yourself at an awkward position just because you aren’t able to convey your thoughts to others? A single YES of yours will imply you are suffering from nothing, but low-level emotional intelligence.

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Sleeping Less?? Some Easy Tactics to Help You Deal with Insomnia

Ananya was in the constant habit of giving her work more priority over sleep. Her parents always used to make her understand the importance of sleeping properly, but she never paid much attention. For her, work always came first and then everything else. You could always see Ananya on her smartphone or laptop working or giving orders no matter at what place she is. Her 24/7 work schedule made her avoid social gatherings, and gradually she lost her best friends too.

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Deteriorating Mental Health of Teens: Should Technology be Blamed?

Today, technology happens to be the most powerful tool in the world. Depending on the usage, it can have both positive and negative effect on an individual. Latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are helping a lot of industries across the world. However, we still cannot ignore the possible threats which these technologies can bring along. Rather busying themselves in physical activity, the kids now enjoy spending all their time with the latest gadgets. It’s scary yet a reality. So, how right are we in blaming technology for deteriorating Mental Health in Teenagers? Are we as human beings not equally responsible for relying so much on the latest inventions? Check out this blog post to find out answers to all these pressing questions.

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Teenage Anxiety: The Unspoken Battle

Is your teenage child trying to avoid you or other relatives? Has the academic performance of your kid in school gone down? Is your child avoiding his/her friends? If you said a Yes to these preliminary questions, its time you take utmost care of your teenage kid and prevent him/her to suffer from teenage anxiety. The reasons may differ w.r.t the families, but the solutions are selective few.

Teenage Anxiety: Quick Snapshot of the Root Causes

Finding the solution ain’t feasible unless we know of the problems that lead to it. When we talk about Teenage Anxiety, there are several causes that force teenagers to get anxious. Let us understand the causes in a step-by-step manner:

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Best Yoga Poses Curing Back Pain

5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain – Must Follow Guide

Before I begin this blog post, let me ask you all a very simple question: How many of you suffer from Back Pain? I would assume almost every one of us would be responding in a YES. One can not deny that today most of us suffer from this menace all credit to our lavish lifestyle. In this new post, I have tried covering some easy yoga poses for curing Back Pain. The methodology isn’t that difficult since it involves some simple Yoga poses which you can easily follow. You got to believe the positive outcomes of doing Yoga every day.

What scares me is the fact that our constant sitting is leading to a nationwide epidemic. Even medical records prove that millions of people suffer from the neck and back pain issue today.

Issues Of Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Organ Cancer: Heart disease or Colon Cancer
  • Leg Disorders: Poor circulation and Softening of bones
  • Degeneration of Muscles: Tightening of Hips and Limp Glutes
  • Poor Strengthening of Back: Less flexibility of Spin and Damage of disks

I wrote a complete blog post on several drawbacks of living a Sedentary Lifestyle. So, do give it a read to understand the impact better. These issues might be slower in effect, but can have a drastic impact on your healthy body in the longer run. So, how can you save and reverse the aches and pain caused due to a sedentary lifestyle? Experts suggest the following tips to reduce the aftereffects:

Possible Cure to Counter Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Prefer sitting on something wobbly like Stability Ball
  • Keep yourself in motion by taking frequent walks
  • Regular stretching of Hip Flexors

Other than the above-listed pointers, experts suggest performing Yoga too. It affects our brain and body both physically and mentally. It heals our body and mind in all aspects possible, relieves us of our stress and help our backs feel young again.

List of 5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain


  • Lie down on your back and extend both the legs and arms long enough
  • Exhale – fold down your knees inside the chest and close over the hands around them
  • To lengthen the spine, try keeping your back flat on the carpet and draw the tailbone and sacrum toward the ground
  • Broaden yourself across the collarbone by releasing the shoulders
  • If possible, give your spine a gentle massage by sliding from side to  side
Yoga pose Apanasana


  • It keeps the lower back long
  • It’s also used in counter stretching against the most common spinal twists
  • It is also useful in eliminating the waste, undue stress and other similar toxin effects
  • Avoid in case of hip injury or abdominal surgery


  • Lie on your back and extend your arms and legs
  • Similar to Apanasana pose, Exhale, bring the knees inside and enfold them with your hands closely
  • Now, holding the right knee as it is, stretch down the left leg completely
  • If possible, try moving the knee from armpit to chest and stop wherever you feel comfortable enough to withstand
  • Keep your back straight and shoulders down  away from the ears
  • Stay put in this position and after a while, repeat the same process with the other leg
Ardha Apanasana Yoga Pose


  • It releases tension in the hips and most importantly the lower back
  • This pose is also useful in releasing the stiffness that comes in the spine over time
  • Not for those suffering from sciatica or spinal injury


  • Start with forming the pose as showcased in #2 above. Once done bring your right knee into the chest
  • Exhale, roll over on the left hip so as to soften the right knee on the ground
  • Maintaining the shoulder-width height, stretch out the hands properly along the floor
  • Keep your left hand on the right knee gently without any kind of force
  • Apply more pressure on the knee by forcing it down on the floor and letting it become heavier
  • Stay in this position for 10-30 breaths followed by bringing the knees together back again to the center
  • Repeat the above steps in the same sequence for the other side

Supine Spinal Twist Yoga Pose


  • Useful in massaging the back portion and the hips
  • It not only realigns but also stretches the back as well as lengthens it
  • Last but not the least, it also hydrates the spinal discs alongside stretching the glutes
  • For those suffering from Back Pain or its injury, they must twist the knees to only that extent up to which they feel comfortable


  • Start with bending yourself into a table-top position
  • Inhale your breath by forming a Cow position
  • Stay in this pose for a while and then form a Cat position. The Cat position is just the opposite of Cow position
  • Repeat 5-10 times to achieve better results


The name – CAT and COW Pose sounds weird right? Here’s the explanation to help you understand the idea behind such a name:

Soften your belly towards the ground lifting your tailbone upwards. Roll back the shoulders broadening the collarbone.  The lifting of chin and the turning of gaze goes toward the ceiling forms the cow position

Tip: The user must not forget that both the head and the neck needs proper relaxation.


Cat And Cow Yoga Pose


  • Stabilizes your wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees
  • It also strengthens the lower back by elongating your spine
  • Place a carpet underneath for supporting the knees
  • If you suffer from sensitive joints, avoid performing this yoga pose


  • Form a Mountain pose and bring both your hands towards the hips
  • Exhale and bend the knees releasing the entire body towards the ground
  • Keep your knees bend
  • Stay calm and let the chest, neck and the head relax and melt down properly
  • Make use of quadriceps ( great extensor muscle of the neck) to let go the hamstrings (large tendon found behind the knee)
  • Push the entire body weight on the balls of your feet and hips stacked over ankles
  • Start inhaling and gently feel the torso lift and lengthen
  • Exhale by taking deep breaths in the same posture


Forward Fold Uttanasana Yoga Pose


  • This pose increases your forward flexion in the spine and hips
  • It calms down your brain and relieves your mind from stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Beneficial for people suffering from insomnia
  • Regular use stretches your hamstrings and calves
  • If you suffer from back ailments, keep your knees bent and soften the body to avoid injuring yourself


Performing different yoga poses on a regular basis not only cures back pain, but improves your entire body structure. If you are keen on taking up Yoga as a regular exercise, check out other notable benefits of yoga. Even if you are not into fitness, having a clear understanding of the benefits surely helps.

Have a secret formula to share with us? Reach out to us via comments section below.

Tips to bosst Up Body Metabolism

How to Increase Your Body Metabolism – 5 Simple Tips

Nothing is better than the sound of a great diet and exercise, but there are some natural ways in which you can increase your body metabolism.  Everyone wants to be in great shape except for being round. There is no magic formula to reduce weight or on how to increase your body metabolism. Not just simple tips, metabolism can also be kept high if one is clean from the inside.

Your body is burning energy all the time, even when you are resting. The rate at which you burn your fat resting it called basal metabolic rate (BMR). Visit the link before you ask how to calculate BMR and why is it important. Also, fire up your body engine with these sure shot tips about how to increase your body metabolism:

Turn the temperature down

Many would suggest turning up the heat, but I would recommend otherwise. As per a study conducted in 2014 by National Institute of Health, sleeping in a cold room increases a percentage of brown fat. It is a type of fat which helps to burn other fat, in turn, increasing metabolism. Keeping the home or office cool can have similar effects over time.

Drink Water loads of it

With my personal experience, I have witnessed a significant increase in my body metabolism over a period of just one week. Drinking almost 4 litres of water can really keep your mind alert and body active for a longer period of time. Additionally, the stomach is full so you do not feel hungry also so often. For me, it was like hitting a jackpot!

Work Out on your Muscles

Muscles not only weigh more than fat but use up more energy as well. Women in their 30s who train for 30-40 mins in the gym for 4 months can increase her body metabolism up to 100 calories per day during her resting period. The body is simply resetting your thermostat to keep running even for the days when you can’t go to the gym.  One must avoid living a Sedentary Lifestyle as it has its own drastic effects on the body. If you aren’t sure if you are living a sedentary lifestyle, do give my other article on effects of Sedentary Lifestyle a good read.

Keep stress levels at bay

Stress is an entry point to bad health and other illnesses. Keep stress levels to the minimum and try to keep calm in stressed out situations. It will not only help you think better but also maintain your body metabolism. Interesting fact, stress causes a kind of hormone called ‘cortisol’ which builds up belly fat. Now, you know how you are increasing on that portion of the body.

Don’t Slash Calories

This will make your body think times are lean and start preserving fat. Instead slowly switch to more fibre food like fruits and salads. Eat enough calories to match your resting metabolism. For example, for 5 feet 4-inch height 68 kg and a 40-year-old woman, the calorie intake is 1330. Wondering how to find your intake.? No worries, simply visit the link to find your regular calorie intake.

These were some of the simple things which you can take care on a daily basis. Now, if someone asks you – How to Increase your Body Metabolism? Give in your insights with utmost confidence. There are many other factors which contribute to decreasing the metabolism rate. It naturally slows down with age. But, even when you have a horrible daily diet, there are ways which can help increase your body metabolism. Having a high metabolism rate can help in reducing weight and also provide more energy to the body.

You can also read some more 11 ways to boost your metabolism. I am sure both these articles will surely help you in obtaining a good health over the years.


Aftereffects of Living a Sedentary-Lifestyle

The world as we know today is full of tech-savvy creatures. Keeping a luxurious life is in a fashion of status now. The advent of technology has made our lives easier since now we all live a Sedentary-Lifestyle. We put in as minimal efforts as possible to obtain something. But do you know, this luxurious style of living is somehow killing our health? Of course, you know, we all are well aware of good and bad traits of modern living.

There is no harm in using the world resources, but as is said: अति हर चीज़ की बुरी होती है  so, being cautious should be our primary goal. It’s not my personal perspective, but even scientific health researchers believe in this fact. As per statistical reports, if you sit or relax for longer durations, it might lead to your premature death.

How Workout Reduces Impact Of Sedentary-Lifestyle

As per the recent study, if an individual remains seated all the time, he/she is surely stepping on and knocking on the door of an early death. A regular exercise regime for at least an hour daily is enough to keep one at par with fitness. If you believe exercise won’t make any difference, do check out how exercise reverses the effects of sedentary-lifestyle.



Even Norwegian School of Sports Science and the University of Cambridge in the UK analyzed approximately one million people from various studies. Most of the people who became a part of this research were above the age of 45 years. The study gave clear hints that workout regime wins the race against laziness. The current study reveals that 60-75 minutes of activity keeps a person fitter than the rest.

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

As per research, all those people who stay still for 5+ hours while watching Television are more prone to offset death. We know almost all negative effects of Sedentary-lifestyle, yet we are digging our graves with the luxurious world around. The equation is simple:

More seating leads to increased health issues

So, maintain your body metabolism by exercising regularly and pave the way to a fit body.

P.S.: People living a sedentary-lifestyle are more prone to suffer from Colon Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes



Internationally accredited organization WHO states that an individual extends the scope of suffering from Type-2 Diabetes nearly by 90-percent due to regular sitting. For those who aren’t aware, Diabetes is a chronic health problem these days. Frequent standing positions or a little walk in sitting jobs can relieve can be useful and relieve one from ill effects.

A regular habit of taking a short walk keeps a person healthy and fit into this fashionable lifestyle. To cut down upon Sugar, Fats, and lipids in the body, walking is the easiest way possible. It also improves Life expectancy and kicks out many health issues out of life. You can easily make use of these 5 tips to increase your body metabolism.

If you too are a #fitnessfreak, do share your #FitnessMantra in the comments section below.


Tips to Celebrate Your Retirement-Life Proactively

The trouble with retirement-life is that you never get a day off

Is your retirement just around the corner? Does staying proactive post your retirement-life worries you? Stop worrying and check out this post highlighting some simple tips to help you walk through your life post-retirement easily. Retirement is a phase which doesn’t come cheap. The prospect of finishing one life to begin another in succession is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are already retired, you might think that you have no goals to accomplish. However, as you move beyond the years, your brain and body demand more attention. It becomes important to keep them proactive, so if you have a job, you get to enjoy various mental benefits like:

  • People start Appreciating your Efforts
  • You no longer Seek an Answer to – WHAT NEXT?
  • You have time to learn something New every day

Statistics reveal not every person loves their retirement-life. It is simply because it cuts down their daily dose of the excitement of meeting their co-workers and spending time with them. As per the Aegon’s 2017 Retirement survey, several factors contribute behind retirement out of which being unemployed falls on #2 position. Take a quick look at the image below to get a better insight into the results.



You might correlate old age to retirement, but experts believe otherwise. As per them, retirement-life give you enough time to look after yourself and bond with your family members. Additionally, it gives you time to fulfill your dreams which seemed afar due to time constraints.

Activities to Pursue in Your Retirement-Life

Every day someone retires or is on the verge of entering the retirement phase. If you too are about to retire, plan your everyday routine well-in-advance to avoid leading a sedentary life. Check out these 5 simple activities to keep yourself fit and active throughout the day:

Outdoor Activities are Important

The best way you can keep yourself fit as a senior citizen is by indulging in outdoor activities. Physical labour isn’t the only aspect, but simply spending time with nature also counts. Studies validate the fact as it improves your breathing, and refreshes your inner soul. Activities like walking, cycling, playing football are just a few examples that you can try. The sole motive of participating in an activity is to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. There are several after-effects of living a sedentary lifestyle that you must look into to avoid any health issues later.




Participating in any of these outdoor activities come with their own set of advantages like:

  • Mental Peace ensuring Better Sleeping Habits
  • Fresh air boosts your Immunity levels
  • Regular physical labour improves your resiliency to physical illness
MEDITATION – Your Ultimate Connection to Inner Self



The above image reflects the importance of meditation in our life. Meditation, as many believe, isn’t any exercise, but a way to help you connect with your inner soul. Today’s cut-throat competition forces us to live a robotic life, so meditating every day helps us regain our lost energy. However, before we move forward, let me clarify one wrong but important notion about meditation. It is not just concentrating blankly, but the truth is:

Meditation = De-concentration

To achieve complete sync with your inner self, you ought to empty your brain from all thoughts. The less you think, the faster you relax and de-stress.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is good for you as a human being. Your age, caste or religion has nothing to do with it. Let’s take a quick overview of the advantages of performing meditation on an every day basis:

  • Boosts your Confidence
  • Relaxes your Brain and Body
  • Keeps your Blood Pressure in check reducing Anxiety attacks or Heartaches

These are some prominent uses of Meditation. However, Art of Living created an amazing infographic highlighting some not-so-talked about benefits of meditating. Check it out right here:




If you suffer from tiredness and are bogged down by workload, try Meditating daily. You might not see the results in one go, but stay put under any circumstance. As is said: Perseverance is the Key to Success. So, keep meditating and gradually you will notice the positive changes around you.

Books – Ultimate Source of Knowledge

When you were in school, you must have learned the proverb: Pen is Mightier than the Sword The quote has a sense of meaning to it. It highlights the importance of education in your life. The more you read, the better human being you become. But, over the years, we have seen a considerable downfall in the people who are fond of books. You no longer find people in the libraries buying/returning books as they are busy fiddling with their gadgets. Services like Amazon Kindle makes the situation worse.

You might ponder: How are books related to your retirement? or How can books keep you proactive? The reason I correlate books with retirement-life is that it gives you knowledge. Picking up the right book not only enlightens you but gives you the ability to share your knowledge with others especially your grand-children.

Every book teaches you a new skill altogether, so read more to learn more. Books are not just for entertainment, but they improve your mental ability and keeps your brain active. An active brain helps you sleep better and you are able to retain your memory for long durations unlike other people of your age.




One must note that not every senior citizen is socially active. If your grandparents suffer from mobility issues or loneliness, inculcate in them the habit of reading. Books will allow them to connect with its fictional characters and its plot. Ask them to participate more in the online contests or in book fairs. By doing so, they will bond with other people of their age sharing mutual interests. So, considering all these benefits, make it a habit to read more books. They are the best source of knowledge for every human being.

Painting – Unleash Your Creativity

Post-retirement, the elderly often feel that they have no purpose left in their life. At such times, it becomes important for you to make them understand how important they are. Give them proper love and care to keep their spirits high and avoid the chances of them falling into depression. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through paintings. Not every retiree is a painter, but this small activity will help them a lot. Enroll them in an art class or make some space for them at home. A paintbrush and a notebook are all they need to unleash their artistic side without constraints.

Your grandparents spent their entire life raising you with good moral ethics. They gave you the best education, encouraged you to participate in extra-curricular activities etc. So, now, it’s your duty to encourage them to pursue their dreams. Help them complete their artbook and motivate them to share it with relatives and friends as it makes them confident and gives them a sense of satisfaction.



I recollect a very famous quote of William Shakespeare:

“A Man with No Imagination has no Wings.”

So, let your grandparents be creative and create whatever comes in their thoughts. The more they imagine, the more beneficial it is for their brain development. If you are wondering How Successful is Painting as a Career? or What are the Benefits of Painting? So, here’s your answer:

  • Amazing Stress-buster
  • Flushes out Negative Emotions
  • Makes You more Expressive
  • Improves Your Emotional Quotient
  • Enhances Your Concentration and Observational Powers

Joining an Art class will also help your grandparents socialize and make friends. Needless to say, Friends are important for every age group. So, let them Paint, and let them Socialize. It improves their overall personality.


Give your Parents your time and make memories with them. They need your love, care and attention just like a baby does. So, don’t let them down just on the pretext of you being occupied. Show some respect to your parents because you mean the world to them. They gave you the best of everything, so repay them by giving love and respect.

Do check out this Forbes article to know 10 things your grandparents can do within 5 years of their retirement. It would be hard to guess what your elderly takes a liking for, so keep your eyes open on all the prospects.

If you have some funny tale of your grandparents the comments box is all yours. It would be a pleasure to know how your grandparents love spending their retirement-life.