Work-life Balance – Why is it the Need of the Hour?

“It’s nearly midnight and Richa is still editing her supposedly last e-mail for the client before going to the bed. These trivial edits of full-stops and semicolons are now simply frustrating her.” She promised herself at the beginning of this month that she would keep her work and personal life separate and would maintain her […]

Emotional Intelligence And Personality: How One Affects Another

Have you ever felt dissatisfied or unhappy even after performing well at academics or at work front? How many times have you felt that you aren’t able to understand your feelings or of the people around you? Have you ever felt yourself at an awkward position just because you aren’t able to convey your thoughts […]

Sleeping Less?? Some Easy Tactics to Help You Deal with Insomnia

Ananya was in the constant habit of giving her work more priority over sleep. Her parents always used to make her understand the importance of sleeping properly, but she never paid much attention. For her, work always came first and then everything else. You could always see Ananya on her smartphone or laptop working or […]

Deteriorating Mental Health of Teens: Should Technology be Blamed?

Today, technology happens to be the most powerful tool in the world. Depending on the usage, it can have both positive and negative effect on an individual. Latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are helping a lot of industries across the world. However, we still cannot ignore the possible threats which these technologies […]

Teenage Anxiety: The Unspoken Battle

Is your teenage child trying to avoid you or other relatives? Has the academic performance of your kid in school gone down? Is your child avoiding his/her friends? If you said a Yes to these preliminary questions, its time you take utmost care of your teenage kid and prevent him/her to suffer from teenage anxiety. […]

5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain – Must Follow Guide

Before I begin this blog post, let me ask you all a very simple question: How many of you suffer from Back Pain? I would assume almost every one of us would be responding in a YES. One can not deny that today most of us suffer from this menace all credit to our lavish […]

How to Increase Your Body Metabolism – 5 Simple Tips

Nothing is better than the sound of a great diet and exercise, but there are some natural ways in which you can increase your body metabolism.  Everyone wants to be in great shape except for being round. There is no magic formula to reduce weight or on how to increase your body metabolism. Not just […]

Aftereffects of Living a Sedentary-Lifestyle

The world as we know today is full of tech-savvy creatures. Keeping a luxurious life is in a fashion of status now. The advent of technology has made our lives easier since now we all live a Sedentary-Lifestyle. We put in as minimal efforts as possible to obtain something. But do you know, this luxurious style […]

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