Bounce Rate: Your Friendly Beginner’s Guide for 2023 & Beyond


With ChatGPT (An AI chatbot) coming to the forefront, it’s pretty convenient for everyone to start their journey to become a writer. However, to create a successful blog in 2023, you need not just your writing abilities, but a thorough understanding of other aspects too like – keeping track of how your content is performing, how much traffic you’re getting on monthly basis, leveraging web-analytics tools like Google Analytics to track your conversion/engagement rate, etc and then use these data metrics for decision making.

In this blog post, we cover one of the most crucial aspect of Blogging and Google Analytics, termed “Bounce Rate” and what role it plays in making a blog a success/failure. This blog will primarily talk about:

  • Understanding the Term: Bounce Rate
  • The Bounce Rate Equation
  • Significant Factors that Affect Your Website/Blog’s Bounce Rate
  • Actionable Tips to Minimize & Improve Your Bounce Rate
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Setup a Successful Blog for Your Business in 2023 – An AIO Guide You Can’t Miss Reading


Not everyone can convert their blog into a successful revenue option, right? This holds especially in the absence of proper guidance. When I stepped into the world of content and writing blogs back in 2012, there weren’t many folks around who could guide me on how to set up a successful blog. I had to read through several online guides and run different tests to check what worked for me and what did not.

The fact is that – Blogging is no longer just about creating quality content but is a mixture of different elements. According to HubSpot, Blogs have the 3rd highest ROI across different content formats. Digitization has further revolutionized the way folks around the globe perceive content and blogging as lucrative career options.

I have categorized this guide into three simple segments wherein each part covers a specific aspect. The prominent ones are:

  • Why Should You Blog in Today’s Era?
  • Setting Up a Blog for Yourself? – How-To Guide
  • How to Setup a Successful Blog? – 5 Best Strategies that Work in 2023
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Flexible Work Force During Pandemic: 5 Business Advantages You Can’t Miss Out


The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was a big surprise for corporations worldwide. The employers could not foresee how the work-from-home concept would pan out due to myriad factors. However, the companies soon realized that the emergence of a New Normal and remote work culture are staying for long. It even introduced the concept of a flexible work force & helped the corporations understand that work-life balance is the ultimate need of the hour.

Unprecedented changes in events made organizations implement flexible work policies allowing their workforce to manage work and family without hassle.

Considering that the threat of Covid-19 is still looming, this article discusses the top five benefits of a flexible work force & how companies benefit from it.

So, without further ado, let us begin: 

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Become A Good Writer: 9 Actionable Tips That Can Help You In The Process


Writing has always been the core of any communication. Back in the 90s, people had pen and paper to write and communicate their thoughts. However, as technology evolved, several digital platforms like Medium and Quora came to the forefront giving users more options to write and communicate with each other. But the questions that you must ask yourself are – Can these platforms teach you the nuances of writing like a PRO? Can you rely on these platforms to become a good writer?
And, Is writing that easy?

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Keywords: How They Influence Your SEO Rankings in 2021


In this digital era, search engines like Google have transformed the way we browse and search for information on the Internet. But, how do these search giants understand what your query is and what information to present in front of you? It so happens that Google (the biggest search giant) understands this using its complex algorithms. These algorithms then use the concept of Keywords to ensure that the audience lands on the right page.

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Instagram Marketing Trends: And How Will They Shape Its Future in 2021?


Do you remember my last post wherein I discussed the 5 best strategies that worked for Instagram in 2019? If you don’t, no need to panic since the platform has drastically changed and what worked two years back might not work anymore. Hence, in this fresh blog post, I plan to cover the top 3 Instagram marketing trends that you must focus on and the future of Instagram in 2021. You will also learn different ways of how can brands make the best use of this amazing platform and scale up to newer heights

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Content Marketing – How It Adds Fuel To Your Business?


Content marketing (or CM) is the lifeline of any online business. In today’s day and age, a business can expect more growth if it has a good online presence. Content creation strategy involves content written after thorough market research and skilled copywriting.

Multiple processes are involved when content gets designed for websites, images, graphics, market studies, videos, etc. & every form contributes to it in a way.

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Coronavirus – How is it Jeopardizing the Industrial Operations Globally


One of the biggest news of the moment is the widespread release of the Coronavirus. The sudden outbreak of the virus in China has frozen the entire world’s economy majorly impacting countries like Japan, South Korea, Europe, and the United States.

Through this blog post, we help you understand – what is Coronavirus, how it spreads and how can you safeguard yourself from its aftermath? Alongside this, we will also walk you through the list of some major industries and companies the virus is impacting across the globe.

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Work-life Balance – Why is it the Need of the Hour?


“It’s nearly midnight and Richa is still editing her supposedly last e-mail for the client before going to the bed. These trivial edits of full-stops and semicolons are now simply frustrating her.” She promised herself at the beginning of this month that she would keep her work and personal life separate and would maintain her work-life balance. But clearly, she failed in achieving her monthly goals.

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