So, the most common question everyone asks me is – What is “The Fastest & Easiest Way to Find High Paying Clients (Without Spending a Single Dime)?”

In this blog, I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on “The Fastest & Easiest Way to Find High Paying Clients (Without Spending a Single Dime)” & I am positive that you will find one soon.

You can use this guide regardless of your financial status, or even if you lack the basic resources. These steps helped me in my initial days to pitch my clients and I have been using them to date.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in:

Facebook and Reddit Groups

Okay, so the first question that you must ask yourself is – Who is My Dream Buyer? & where are they Congregating Online?

Let me tell you its answer in 4 words – Facebook & Reddit Groups

Any market, activity or niche that you target will have a dedicated and proactive Facebook group around it.


The categories can range from fitness, entrepreneurship, or something completely different. Even if you plan to work as a social media manager, you would find a Facebook group for that too.

These groups aren’t just online groups, but they also exist in every single city and country of the world. And when you join these groups & become a member, you can notice people asking questions and seeking assistance for their issues even 1000s of times.



Another online platform that works on the same concept as Facebook is – Reddit. Known as the goldmine of information, Reddit has dedicated communities to help its users with their issues.

These Reddit communities are proactive and users post nearly 100s of questions here as well on an everyday basis.


So, the ultimate question is – how can you benefit from these groups?


The easiest trick is to engage with such people who post regular queries and seek your expertise on different topics.


I personally never trust people who simply comment on my post offering me the solution in return of XYZ bucks. Do you trust such kind of people?

To engage better with people who post queries, you first need to understand their query and offer them a genuine solution. A classic example of your solution can look something like this:



If you follow this practice consistently and help out 2-4 people each day, you will garner multiple leads within 1-2 weeks. Additionally, you might get your first high paying client without spending a single dime.

Leverage Google for Finding the Best High Paying Clients

Owing to multiple data breaches and other issues, people have stopped trusting Facebook for quite a while. Some even find Reddit a bit confusing. So, what’s the alternative route? The alternative path is to leverage on Google for “The Fastest & Easiest Way to Find High Paying Clients (Without Spending a Single Dime).”

Let’s assume you are a Video Creator with a specialization in E-commerce product videos and other similar stuff. One way to perform a relevant Google search is by typing “Top 100 E-commerce stores in {name of your target country}”


Once Google lists down the search results and you find a relevant article about all the top 100 E-commerce stores in your area, what’s your next line-of-action? You go ahead with the list and publish it as a job request on platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, etc.

You hire an individual to scrap all the 100 websites and find the ‘Name’, ‘E-mail ID’ and ‘Website URL’ and arrange it sequentially in an Excel file. Hiring someone else is always a better option as it’s cheaper and doesn’t cost you more than $10 – $20.

Once the Excel file is ready, you can start e-mailing these business organizations with your best offer and subsequently run a follow-up. Within a few days/weeks, you would start getting a response and people will start asking you for quotations and help.

When you start gaining clients and your cash-flow becomes steady and predictable, start advertising your business via Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Require some assistance on Google or Facebook Ads, feel free to connect with me I’ll guide you on the right path.

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Produce Enough Quality Content

You can’t gain leads unless your content resonates well with your target audience. Content marketing can be an incredible way to get new leads for your freelance business.

Blogging on your website and sharing the content piece across channels is the best way to start. As per statistics, nearly 82 percent of marketers who blog report positive ROI from their marketing efforts.

However, as a freelancer trying to stand out from the ever-growing crowd, you need to go the extra mile and create a robust content creation strategy. Your marketing strategy should allow you to produce content in different ways to master the “BE Everywhere” approach and engage better with your target audience.

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With that being said, here are some quick hacks you can apply to produce content at scale:

  • Guest post on high-authority blogs and websites
  • Dish out advice to other developers and potential clients on YouTube and Instagram
  • Responding to relevant queries with detailed answers on Q&A platforms like Quora

The Bottom Line

Often people ask me – “How long will I take to gain clients using your hacks?” I can never predict the timeline as it isn’t fixed but is dependent on various factors like – your niche, your marketing efforts, etc.

Try building a positive online reputation & make your network strong enough so that clients find you automatically. The more you engage with people via online communities, the more they will start knowing you and trust you. As is said in the sales domain:

Word of Mouth publicity is the best form of Advertising

So, follow-up with your leads regularly and figure out the ways that work best for your business.

What marketing strategies do you implement to find high paying clients for your business? How do you engage with your potential clients? Have some queries w.r.t any point or feedback to share?

Drop-in your feedback and shout out your queries in the comments section below and I would personally answer them.

Featured Image Credits: Abhijeet Kumar – The Lazy Writer

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2 thoughts on “The Fastest & Easiest Way to Find High Paying Clients?”
  1. Thanks for wonderful sharing.

    I would like to specifically for IT startup and I am having hard time finding good leads for IT startup.

    How I can leverage Reddit ( channels) and facebook to get leads?

    1. Thanks for your appreciation, Pooja.
      Here are my inputs:

      1. Reddit has a dedicated business community titled: “r/business”. There are other communities as well as pertaining to entrepreneurship & business domains. Become a part of these communities and I am sure you will be able to learn a lot from these communities.

      2. For Facebook, I have shared a sample of how your response should look like to user queries that relate to your area of expertise. Either follow that content example as is or modify it as per your requirements. Within a few weeks’ time, I am sure you will be able to generate leads.
      P.S. – You can also try the “cold pitching” technique (via e-mails) for lead generation. In the start, you may not get any responses at all, but be persistent and you would surely see positive outcomes.

      Connect with me in person via e-mail/WhatsApp/Facebook for a detailed discussion.


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