One can never get enough motivation. We browse through videos, articles, and write-ups to have a periodic dose of the motivational spell. The truth is that such motivational boluses can only bring momentarily goosebumps. It is as short-lived as the high ended patriotism we feel after watching an Indo-Pak war in a Hindi movie. If the spirits have to enroot and yield desired effects we should contribute own efforts.

For those who strive hard to toddle through the chaos of life, here are some ideas that may help you move it a little faster and happier:


Be Organized

From household chores to office calendar meetings, the to-do-lists always looks never-ending. In the hassle, we often end up missing or messing important things. Be your own alarm. A proper time management though not as easy as it sounds can help considerably. Turning it a habit would save you from a lot of headaches. Why bang your head later if a few extra minutes to plan a day in advance can turn it better?


From the A to Z list, identify things according to your priority or emergency to action. Categorize your tasks as a high priority, necessities, and desirables. Try to allot practical time frames with reasonable buffer time. If a day looks packed, such planning can help you think about the best alternatives in advance. Last-minute surprises can come to a picture, still, you will be well aware of the tasks left in your basket. Successful accomplishments are the best capsules of motivation. Once you find yourself managing your tasks well and good, repeating it would not seem difficult.

Take Power Breaks

Power breaks can be anything from a short nap, a coffee break, a short walk in the lawn or a chit-chat. Remember, your body needs refreshments to stay strong and motivated. Every roller coaster rides slowdown in between, so should your body.

7-8 hours’ Sleep

Researchers advocate for 7-8 hours of sleep for adults. Establishing a regular sleep-wake cycle can assure proper rest to your body and mind. Sleep is beneficial in multiple ways for a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say, proper sleep is inevitable to lead a relaxed and balanced life.

Proper Diet

Keep yourself fit and healthy by following a proper diet. We tend to skip food on time blaming the tight schedules and end up on a hospital bed. Compromising on health can cost you heavily. Also, keep yourself hydrated to keep you strong and moving.

Ambience Matters

Motivation comes from our surroundings as well. Imagine yourself spending hours amidst a messy environment. It kills your urge to work and being productive. A well organized, neat workstation or environment can relax your mind.

Music – the Mood Enhancer

If you are someone who loves to work with background music, choose the happy tones that keep you alive. Studies point out that compared to other art forms, music has an exceptional ability to evoke a wide range of feelings. If you are already feeling down and you keep listening to sad music, it can just push you harder into sadness. Listen to pleasant music to make up your mood.

Strengthen Bonds With Friends and Family

Most of us have complained about not having enough time to get our works done. We will be more than happy if we could add on hours per day. However, the reality is even if we get extra hours each day, we will still have a long to-do list. Too much work pressure can bring in depression making each day feeling terrible. We are here to live each day at its best than painfully counting down days.

Bury the Regrets

Very often our mistakes in the past keep killing us inch by inch. Lessons from mistakes must be carried forward for the sake of good, whilst regrets should not outlive their deserved lives. Bury them deep and move on. Keep the focus on the present with an eye on future.


Lack of communication is a major reason for conflicts. Not letting out your emotions and problems can turn you like a pressure cooker. It can cause mental trauma and depression. Whether it be at home or office, healthy communications help release unnecessary stress. A platform where you can communicate well pays confidence and keeps you motivated.

Battery Draining? Plug-in Yourself for a Recharge

When you feel exhausted and drowning, don’t drag yourself further. Refresh yourself with activities you would love to engage in. Be it arts, sports or trips. Gift yourself with vacations you have always longed for as self-motivation is imperative to keep us all moving.

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The Bottom Line

Considering the world we live in, we all require a little self-motivation to achieve success and accomplish our goals. So, if you are also suffering from a lack of motivation, confide your feelings in someone you trust. It can be anyone like your friend, your spouse, your work colleagues. Conveying your emotions is essential to let go of the suffering and live a peaceful life.

What strategies do you apply in your life to keep yourself motivated at all times. Do share your experience and valubale feedback with us through the comments section below.

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  1. Loved reading it ? we all need a vacation to reduce stress. ?? Being a travel lover that really caught my attention. And yes, communication is necessary indeed. Couldn’t agree more ❤

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