Content marketing (or CM) is the lifeline of any online business. In today’s day and age, a business can expect more growth if it has a good online presence. Content creation strategy involves content written after thorough market research and skilled copywriting.

Multiple processes are involved when content gets designed for websites, images, graphics, market studies, videos, etc. & every form contributes to it in a way.

If you’re a noob and are trying to understand the nuances of the subject matter, check out this blog post. As a part of this blog post, you will learn three important aspects:

  • How does Content Marketing Add Fuel to your Business?
  • What is Content Marketing? – The Basic Definition
  • Tools that Make Content Marketing Process Easy

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our first segment.

How does Content Marketing Add Fuel to your Business?

Still skeptical of the importance of Content Marketing for your business/branding? If yes, check out this segment highlighting the top 10 foolproof ways by which CM boosts your business. The tips are as follows:


Your Audience Matters – Pay Heed to Their Requirements

The content formation is undergoing a tremendous shift in today’s time. To ensure that your audience interacts with your services and products, you must understand what form of content are they consuming the most. It could be either videos or text, and based on this understanding you must create your content. Utilizing the right form not only helps you with branding and promotion but also gives you an extra edge over your competitors. Since there’s a considerable downfall in the attention span, you must also strive to push out the content in minimal time possible. Any unwanted delays can push your readers to take an exit from your site and impact your bounce rate.

Keep your Content Fresh & Updated for Right Branding

One of the most vital parts Google considers while ranking is – Content freshness. So, as a business/service provider, you must curate blogs on your company’s website consistently to educate buyers & target audience about your business. Following this practice ensures that people know about your products & business and simultaneously create a positive brand image in their eyes.

Your readers/target audience always look forward to your blogs to keep themselves updated on the latest happenings across your product line, organization, & the industry trends. The right information helps build trust and gives your brand a strong foothold in the virtual landscape.

Right CM Strategy With Storytelling Means Positive Brand Impressions

By establishing a proper CM strategy, you can create a positive brand image for your organization, product line, and the business. All your webpages like ABOUT/FAQs etc. are the additional sources that you must utilize to provide the right information to your end-users & customers.

Content Marketing is an integral part of digital marketing, however, people resonate with stories too. Since storytelling can revolutionize your digital presence, you must leverage the concept as well to convey your brand story.

Gives a Considerable Hike to your Website Traffic

Are you keeping your website updated with fresh content? If yes, good for you, but if not, it’s time you start focusing on it. It’s no secret that Google loves fresh content and give a considerable ranking boost to such websites. So, if you’re also struggling to maintain the right traction & visibility for your website, try keeping it up-to-date. The more regular you update it, the better your online presence and traffic will get.

Social Media Promotion Goes a Long Way

Content is KING, but without social media promotion, it fails to reach even half the audience. So, ensure that your marketing strategy is clear and allows you to tap into diverse audiences instantaneously.

Each social media platform comes with its own set of inbuilt features to target a specific audience based on demographics and hence a fail-safe strategy goes a long way. Shane barker covered a cumulative list of content marketing platforms to help you promote your business in 2020.

Lead Generation

Effective content marketing helps in lead generation. As per the Forbes article (covered by Lilach Bullock), over 93% of B2B companies believe that content marketing attracts more leads than traditional marketing. Lead generation via content marketing can be effective in the case of B2C companies too. Well informed blogs targeting your audience issues with a working solution are the key to lead generation. Market research and understanding your audience’s demands can go a long way in strengthening your business.

Content marketing with Right SEO is a Perfect Combination

Long-form content with a proper content strategy and the latest commercial keywords related to the required industry aims to improve the company’s search rankings. Consumers usually rely on search behemoths’ like Google to find solutions.

The right keyword research and usage with well-written content that answers user queries are direct indicators that your site is SEO-optimized as per Google guidelines. It further benefits your business to rank well on the SERPs list for the right set of keywords.

Guest Posting on Authority Websites

An integral part of Content Marketing is “Guest posts”. To ensure your business gets the right branding and online promotion, you must leverage the art of guest blogging on high authority sites (ones with good domain authority).

To ensure you get benefited from your guest blogging efforts, ensure that you’re putting an external link to your corporate website within the content. If linking out in content piece isn’t possible, you can do so in your Author bio. Guest blogging is your perfect marketing strategy as it boosts your website traffic, and promotes your products/services in front of a fresh pair of eyes improving your chances of conversions.

Long-form Content Minimizes your Bounce Rate Too

Focus on generating long-form content to give your readers more chances to interact with your content. The more they engage and spend time on your content, the better it gets for you. Check out what NEIL PATEL has to say on long-form content and how it benefits you. According to his blog post, including long-form content can benefit you by improving your on-site time, lower down your bounce rate, give you better rankings in the SERPs, and many others.

Wondering how to leverage long-form content? It’s easy than you think – Simply include creative infographics, high-res images within your blog posts at frequent intervals. The right mix of visual + text approach along with fresh content can do wonders for your site. It can further allow your users to engage with your site in multiple ways.

Content Marketing Helps Improve Your Brand Authority and Credibility

Right content marketing can help your brand create a positive online reputation for itself on the Internet. If your content can resonate with your target audience requirements, your chances of conversion are higher.

Further, building up a trust factor for your brand acts as a stimulant because users start sharing your content online repeatedly marking your site as a credible source of information.

What is Content Marketing? – The Basic Definition

Do a simple Google search about the meaning of Content Marketing and you will find a plethora of definitions in the SERPs. However, the basic premise of the term in simple terms is:

The way you create, publish, and then distribute your content within your target audience

In the words of Seth Godin, content marketing is “the only marketing left”. Do you know why he says so? It’s because – it’s authentic, useful, and perfectly suited for the internet generation.

The constant evolvement of the industry further makes it confusing for the newcomers to understand the subtle art of marketing and how can they utilize it for their benefit. If you’re also one of them, head to the next segment wherein I discuss some of the best tools you can leverage to make Content Marketing look easier.

Tools of Content Marketing? – A Quick Overview

In the words of Neil Patel, nearly 88% of B2B Marketers utilize content marketing to bolster their marketing strategies. But not everyone understands the nuances of CM and finds it daunting to set up a CM strategy that helps them meet their objectives. So, if you’re struggling with it too, here’s a curated list of tools that can make things easier for you as a beginner:

    • BuzzSumo – Finding topics and list of influencers never got easier
    • Google Keep / Evernote / Notion – Perfect apps to help streamline your notes and capture images
    • Trello – Your one-stop platform that redefines how you collaborate with your team.
    • Air Story – Similar to Google Keep/Notion, it steps up your writing game and makes it easier for you to curate long-form content.
    • Yoast – The All-in-One plugin that optimizes your content w.r.t keywords, images, etc. adhering to Google SEO guidelines
    • Google Analytics – Easy to set up, the tool helps you track your marketing efforts digitally
    • Canva – Unlike Adobe Photoshop, it’s much easier. Its pre-designed templates allow you to develop and configure different creatives in your style.
    • MailChimp – Accessible on both smartphone and desktop interface, it redefines your mailing experience and conveniently tracks different kinds of metrics.
    • Ahrefs – Using Ahrefs, you can track a complete list of your competitors and simultaneously track your progress.
    • Hootsuite/Buffer – It helps you manage your social media posts and schedule them as per their peak engagement hours.
    • Grammarly – Nobody likes unwanted typos and writing content without context. So, use Grammarly to get rid of your unexpected typos and proofread your content.


Content Marketing is here to stay. So, if you haven’t thought of including it in your business operations, it’s time to turn the tide and give it a go. The right usage of the above-listed tools and tactics are essential and a must-know aspect if you wish to take your content engagement rates to the next level.

What content marketing strategy are you utilizing to make the most out of your business? Is there any tool that you’re specifically using as a part of your strategy? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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