Are you one of those bloggers who fail to drive massive traffic to your blogs? Do you struggle to market your blog across multiple social media platforms? If YES, it is time for you to up your game and focus on leveraging guest blogging as one of your marketing strategies.

In this blog post, you will be learning about three major aspects  (listed below). Each of these segments is designed in a way to enlighten and teach you about the subtle art of marketing. So, before we begin a detailed discussion, take a quick look at what they are:

  • Why Do You Need Guest Blogging for Marketing Purposes?
  • What is Guest Blogging? – The Basic Definition
  • How Can You Design an Effective Guest Post? – A Quick Overview

Why Do You Need Guest Blogging for Marketing Purposes?

As a blogger, you do understand the importance of designing a robust content strategy to ensure that your content piece leaves an indelible mark on your target audience. But is that enough? Can you just rely on your content piece alone to ensure your brand stays on top of the Google or Bing SERPs? Clearly, NO. It’s because there are multiple factors like Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Density, etc. equally involved in the process. A combination of all these factors affects how your brand performs in terms of online reputation and credibility.

There’s a very famous English saying in the sales world:

The Better You MARKET Your Product, the More REVENUE You Can Generate

So, to ensure your brand stays on the top and you get legitimate traffic, you must keep a close eye on your marketing strategies. Online campaigns, advertisements, etc. are some of the quickest ways to maintain your domain authority and strengthen your online presence. However, that being said, you might be wondering as to where exactly does guest posting fits in all this? Keep reading to go through 3 major benefits of guest blogging and why it still matters in 2019:

  • You expose your site to a whole new audience improving targeted traffic
  • It accelerates your follower count and leads generation efforts
  • A definite means to strengthen your Brand Authority
Site Exposure to New Audience Enhancing Your Targeted Traffic

With a good quality blog post, your chances of getting better engagement on your site increases. Since legitimate traffic is the lifeline of every site in today’s digitized world, so you must tread your steps carefully. With the right strategy, you can easily turn a simple guest post into sales. To further boost your conversions, you can optimize your landing page, Call-to-Action buttons and other important elements above the fold.

Accelerates Your Follower Count and Lead Generation Efforts

Despite other methods uprising gradually, bloggers and content marketers still utilize guest posting to boost their content social media shares. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a rookie blogger, you must always focus on contributing your content pieces to authority sites. Linking to high authority websites benefits not only your brand but helps you in multiple other ways too.

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Authoritative and legit site owners also ask for your Author description while submitting a guest post. This allows you to showcase your social media links to a fresh pair of eyes. So, ensure you create an appealing profile to woo your target audience and convert them into regular subscribers for your site. Share regular and informative content pieces with them to keep them in your active social media followers list.

A Definite Means to Strengthen Your Brand Authority

TODAY you don’t exist if you do not have a strong online presence to back you up. If your target audience doesn’t trust your brand, then even your quality content fails. So, how can you resolve this dicey situation? The answer is simple: just pitch to authoritative blogs and share your content piece with them. These mutual collaborations build up your credibility in the eyes of your target audience and they start trusting you as a reliable source of information.

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Sharing original and practical tips with your target audience makes them more receptive to your site. You must leverage this opportunity to help your audience understand how your content can solve their problems in the simplest manner possible.

Including your brand voice in your content pieces consistently further strengthens your brand authority irrespective of where you submit your guest posts. Larry Kim a famous blogger uses a conversational and humorous approach to engage with its audience. His statements are short, crisp with negligible writing fluff to enhance readability and avoid distracting the readers.

What is Guest Blogging? – The Basic Definition

Guests posts are supposed to be informative and are curated just to drive more traffic and to provide some value to the readers. With that being said, you can simply define guests posts as:

Any Content Piece that You Write and Publish for someone else Blog/Website

Even Hubspot states that guest posts are a foolproof way of driving in more engagement and expand the content reach. However, newbie bloggers often struggle with marketing strategies and fail to understand how should they pitch their content piece to a more experienced blogger? If that applies to you as well, then check out the fastest and the easiest way to gain high paying clients. Also, read along the next segment that is specially curated for people like you.

How Can You Design an Effective Guest Post? – A Quick Overview

Curating content for a guest post gets quick and easy if you take into consideration the following listed pointers:

  • Good Understanding on the Topic and What All it Entails
  • Understanding the Target Audience
  • Keeping Your Content Simple and Silly Yet Effective

Let me walk you through each of these points before you hit that SEND button to submit your piece to any of the authority websites.

Good Understanding on the Topic and What All it Entails

A common trait of every good writer is that they invest time in researching about the topic they plan to write about. It helps them gain knowledge about the topic and a detailed study often helps them create a quality piece. So, if you too want to become a great writer, then you must follow the same mantra every time you plan on writing a guest post.

Studies also reveal that newbie writers often drift apart from the main subject while writing on a topic that defines their passion. This leads to poor engagement and writers fail to comprehend where did they went wrong. To avoid this mess, it’s a good practice to create a strategy first and then curate a few demo articles on the guest topic in advance. Following this practice consistently helps you improve your writing skills and gives you a fresh and different perspective on the given topic.

Understanding the Target Audience

Be it your online business or just a personal blog, you need to build a positive online reputation for each of them to succeed. But the question is – how can you achieve it? The answer is simple – Understanding your Target Audience. Having a basic idea of who your target audience is, helps you create content which meets their expectations and simultaneously answers their search queries. As industry experts say:

To Create An Effective Content, You Need to Invest Time in Understanding Your Target Audience

So, make sure you pay heed to this “Golden Mantra” and conduct proper research, design a strategy and then curate a piece that meets and relates to the audience requirements in the best possible manner.

Keeping Your Content Simple and Silly Yet Effective

The simpler you keep your content without influencing SEO or your keywords, the better the engagement you get. Stuffing your content with top-notch vocabulary and unnecessary words serve no purpose altogether. Your vocabulary and choice of words must make sense to your readers as well, else they will simply deflect from your site leading to a rapid rise in the Bounce Rate.

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As I stated earlier, newbie writers often start using complex words just to impress their readers. However, that strategy never works well because the readers ultimately fail to understand the context of your words. They need simpler laymen terms to relate to your content especially when we talk about writing for online space. So, be mindful of this fact and keep a check on your choice of words and let your content flow naturally.


Starting your blog and maintaining it properly amidst the berserk competition in the virtual space isn’t an easy ordeal. You need to invest time in building your credibility and ensuring that your blog adds up to your potential source of income.

So, have you ever written a guest post for someone? What was your strategy and how did it turn out for your blog? Share in your experiences and your valuable feedback on the blog post in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank for the valuable points about guest posting there is one of the main thing that play a big role in guest posting is the content and the pitch. Both are as much important without great content your guest pointing efforts are going to suck.

    1. You are right, Pankaj. Both the content and pitch are equally important in ensuring that your guest post provides the maximum benefit. If your content is perfect, but your pitch isn’t then your efforts are in vain.

      Keep reading more such informative posts.


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