5 Tips To Make Your Blog Successful : A Must Read

5 Tips To Make Your Blog Successful : A Must Read


Most people nowadays are keen on entering the blogosphere. But after a few days of struggle, most of them also leave this space as soon as possible. They fail to get the attention and fail to earn money. Some even fail to make their blog a success. They often search for queries related to How to Make Blog Successful on Google and other search engines.

Nonetheless, they can’t be blamed because having a successful blog is a dream of every blogger. But, that success can’t be achieved overnight and everyone should know that. Also, make your blog successful is not an easy job. But, if you work hard and learn new stuff daily and adapt them as well, I assure you a big success, my friend.

A blogger should always accept their mistakes and adapt their lesson to their blog. This is the best way to make blog successful across all domains. So, here are some tips for you that I learn in my blogging career after doing lots of mistakes.

Take advantage of social media:

Today, everyone likes to engage them in social media. Therefore, this is the largest bay of traffic for your blog. Try to engage them on your blog by sharing content on social media. Also, engage yourself in relevant group, page or network and study the market, understand their needs. This not only will make blog successful but also will help you gain good contacts.

Make sure your blog has most of the sharing button (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google+ etc.) so it can help your readers easier to share your content with their network. Just set up your blog with social media buttons and see the difference. It’s a one-time investment for the lifetime. Help your blog to get a social signal and give a boost for success.

Make your content SEO-friendly:

SEO is the key to a successful blog. I always thought SEO is technical things and I can’t figure it out properly. I ignore it for a long time just because of that thought. This was the biggest mistake I did with my career. On-page SEO is very simple things. Just learn and apply them according to your needs and see the best.

Interlinking, highlight sub-heading, ALT text for images is not a complex thing at all. Just use them to optimize your content and make a step towards success with your blog.

Write articles that never get old:

Most of us seem to comfort with news base article. When you write a post about what occurs on a particular day, that post only represents that day and it gets old when time flies. But, if you write a how-to or a tutorial base article it stays there forever. So, understand the importance of pillar articles and use them in your blog wisely and you can secure your blog for forever, my friend.

Give Something for Free to Download:

Everyone love free stuff and it takes attention to them too. A good way to increase subscriber, build the email list, gain readership, make your blog successful. Just make sure your content is worth enough for downloading. Create your content with good quality, people will just keep coming to your blog.

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Customize your blog with unique design:

The first impressions matter so your page design. No one is going to give a shit for crappy design. A design that is unique and interesting, always draw the attention of visitors. So, design yourself or invest to a premium theme for the name of your blog.


To make your blog successful, you have to work hard. Try to do publicity of your blog, do blog commenting, be a guest author. Also invest your money in promoting your blog, buying premium plugins. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter profile and share and promote your blog there.

You can also read additional 14 ways to make your blog get real attention. I am sure implementing all these tips would surely make blog successful and reach in the hearts of millions soon.

Keep Writing, Keep Inspiring 🙂

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Manu Mathur
Manu Mathur
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  1. Very informative and useful tips, I absolutely agree with you on the points you’ve mentioned here…

  2. Vicki M. Taylor says:

    Excellent, thank you for posting in LinkedIn so I could find your site. I have saved it to read it in more depth.

  3. Amazing article i loved this article and i will follow these steps and make my blog successful. Thanks

    • Thanks a lot Rohit. I am glad you find the post useful and informative.

      You can also check out many other informative blog posts for your perusal. All techniques if applied properly can surely make your blog successful.

      All the best to you 🙂

  4. preeti says:

    Nice and interesting blog…

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