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Entrepreneur – Meaning, Types And The Rest Story

A very simple question for all my readers – Who is an Entrepreneur? How many of you can list down the precise meaning of the term. I might be wrong in my assumptions, but I believe Very few. It’s because one cannot define and explain it in a particular manner. Every individual defines the word as per his/her understanding and nobody can judge them on the mere basis of it.

However, the word originates from a French word ‘enterprendre’ which means to undertake a task. You can also refer to the below image or the Oxford definition for a better understanding of the word.




The journey of becoming an entrepreneur ain’t easy. Apart from hard work and patience, one needs other virtues too like:

  • Faith in oneself
  • Care and Respect for Others
  • Balance in Work and Life
  • Never lose Hope

if one needs to be successful. You might think it’s easy for me to say so, but remember practice leads to perfection. Keeping the same fact in mind, refer to the following 7 entrepreneurial virtues if success and fame is what controls your life.

Do follow the link ahead that explains why two organizations aren’t similar in their initial days. Every startup beholds an interesting tale and it is important one understands what makes one organization tick.  However, not just startups even the entrepreneurs differ in many aspects.

Entrepreneur Types

As per the studies, there are only six types of entrepreneurs which gives the word success a different meaning. Checkout the below infographic to know about all six types at one go. It will also help you figure out as to in which category you fit the best:




As is said Success doesn’t come cheap. You got to work hard and then only you get what you aim. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to keep the perseverance and strive on consistent basis to gain perfection. People tend to lose their concentration, peace of mind while on the course of becoming an entrepreneur. However, the freedom one gets from entrepreneurship makes the wait worthwhile. One just needs to figure out the following three key factors:

  • How one defines his/her goals
  • What one wants from the business
  • How that business fits in one’s daily lifestyle

The pathway to becoming self-employed ain’t difficult as it seems. However, one just needs to be cautious of his/her moves constantly. If you seriously want to be one good entrepreneur, take note of these 7 things nobody tells you and keep a check on all your future moves.

You a successful entrepreneur? If you answer YES, then do share your #Entrepreneurship story with us in the comments section below. Your share will surely help the future entrepreneurial minds fulfill their dream with ease.

Infographic source: Tech.co

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