The trouble with retirement-life is that you never get a day off

Is your retirement just around the corner? Does staying proactive post your retirement-life worries you? Stop worrying and walk through this post treading each step with precision to gain a positive output. Retirement is a phase which doesn’t come cheap. The prospect of finishing one life to begin another phase ain’t that easy as one thinks.

During your retirement-life, you may think that you have no goals to accomplish. However, as you age, it is important to keep both your mind and body healthy and active. As per psychologists, if you have a job, you can enjoy various mental benefits like:

  • It gives people a reason to appreciate you
  • Everyday routine avoids the question – what next?
  • It also lets you learn new things at ease

Not everyone loves retirement-life especially because it cuts down the daily excitement of bonding with co-workers, learning new things etc. As per the Aegon’s 2017 Retirement survey, there are different reasons for individuals to retire. Surprisingly, job less situation falls on #2 position contrary to what people believe. Check out the image to get a better insight on the results.



Even though many relate old age to retirement, experts have a completely different story to recite. As per them, old age is the best moment to look after oneself, bond with family members. It also is the right time to focus on your unfinished dreams that you left behind due to lack of time.

Retirement-Life Activities

There is a huge chunk of older citizens that are on the verge of retirement. Usual filmy scenario which others see is of retirees sitting on a rocking chair and reading newspapers. However, in reality, it’s not always the case. Reading newspaper is just one part of their daily routine. If you too are on the lookout of a proper routine for your retirement-life, check out this list of 5 activities that can keep you both fit and active throughout the day:

Outdoor Play

The best way senior citizens can keep them fit is by indulging in outdoor activities. As per researchers, it is important to spend some time with nature even if its just for an hour. There’s no concrete manner of how you spend it, but indulging in outdoor activities do help. Please note, outdoor activities include not only walking, but a wide range of other activities like cycling, football etc. Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle in your retirement as there are several after-effects of living a sedentary lifestyle which we fail to understand at that time. It’s only when we suffer health issues, we realize its importance.




Becoming a part of all these outdoor activities may look tiring when you read it, but they have their set of advantages. Let me jot down three best advantages of indulging in outdoor activities below:

  • It lets one sleep and rest peacefully
  • Spending time with nature boosts your immunity levels
  • It improves one’s resiliency to physical illness and concentration levels



The image as we know shows two senior citizens performing meditation. One mustn’t consider meditation as an exercise, but should include it as a daily practice. With the existing cut-throat competition everyone is busy somewhere, but meditation helps one connect to his/her soul on a deeper level.

However, that being said, despite all the saying one wrong notion that we all carry about meditation is that it’s about concentrating. The truth is:

Meditation = De-concentration

The more you de-stress and become thoughtless, the more relax you are from the inside and outside

Meditation is beneficial for every age and group of individuals. Some major advantages of performing meditation on a daily basis is listed below:

  • Boost in confidence levels
  • Self-improvement (or self-development)
  • Lowers high blood pressure decreasing anxiety and attacks
  • Relaxation and Rejuvenation of body

These are just a few. Check out the infographic below from Art of Living if you wish to know some other less-talked about benefits of meditation:




If you too are seeking mental peace in this hectic lifestyle, look nowhere and start practicing meditation on a daily basis. You might not see the difference in a day, but as is said – Perseverance is Key. Keep it ongoing for few weeks rather months and you would see the difference automatically.


Right from birth, we are told the importance of reading and writing. Over the years, the habit of reading sees a considerable downfall. The saga further continues as one enters his/her retirement-life. However, the best way for a senior to stay active during his last phase of life is to read books. You might question – how can reading a book help in staying active? Let me explain it to you.

Picking a right book can not only enlighten the senior citizens, but they can also share their insight with their grand children’sย  (as depicted in the image below). One reads a book not only for entertainment, but also for learning a new skill altogether. It can also benefit the elders in terms of sharpening their mental power, slowing their memory decline and improving their sleep quality.




One must note that not every senior citizen is socially active. For all who suffer from mobility issues or loneliness, inculcating the habit of reading comes as the best remedy. Books allow them to connect with its fictional characters and its plot. By participating in online contests and book fairs, they get to socially interact and form real connections with people of their age group. So, all being said, start reading a book today and give your life a new sense of fulfillment.


During the course of retirement, the elderly might feel they have no purpose left in their life. They have spent their entire life in raising their kids, giving them the best education possible and raising a household. Once they are done with all the responsibilities, it is important to keep their spirits high else they might suffer from depression.

One of the best ways to do this is by letting them be creative. Let them join some art class or make space at home itself. A paintbrush and a notebook is all they need to unleash their artistic side without constraints. Once complete help them in sharing their artwork with relatives and friends as it makes them confident and gives them a sense of satisfaction.




As William Shakespeare has rightly quoted:

โ€œA man with no imagination has no wings.โ€

So, let your old parents/grand parents imagine and create whatever comes in their thoughts. The more they imagine, the more beneficial it will be for their brain. You may ask – how successful is painting as a career? or what are the benefits of painting? or how will painting help your brain? As a matter of fact, the list of questions is endless. So, as an answer to all these questions, let me put In India, painting is not that well accredited, but it has a long list of benefits like:

  • A great stress-buster
  • Flushing of Negative emotions
  • Free flow of emotions
  • High Emotional Quotient
  • Improves concentration & observational powers

Just with other activities, participating in painting competitions online/offline would allow your elderly parents to socialize. A circle of friends is a must requisite no matter what age. It won’t be wrong to state that – Friends are just another name for Life. So, let them pick a paintbrush, let them paint and let them socialize. It’s for their betterment only on all 3 i.e., physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Coming to the end for this blog, all I would say is – your parents (who are almost retiring) or your old grandparents have lived all their life in haste. They have made sure you get the best of everything without you asking. So, it becomes your prime responsibility to make sure even they get to live their last phase in peace. The activities listed above are just like a spoon full ofย  water taken out from an ocean. You can also refer to list of 10 things that you can do within 5 years of retirement for more reference. You never know what your elderly takes a liking for, so keep your eyes open at all times.

As always, I would love to hear your tales of how your grandparents like/loved spending their retirement-life.
Feedback and comments are most welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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