In the era of 90’s, there was a lack of job opportunities in every Government or privately funded corporations. No one dared to think about the prospect of starting his own startup no matter how adverse the situation was. Taking a job was no less than an achievement in those days. Those who had private jobs loved to stick to it just to keep their earnings on a normal pace. There was hardly 1 out of 10 who thought the idea of working for himself. But, the society never gave a full permit to such ideas in those times.

But, as is said  Everything changes with time in today’s era there are a lot of opportunities for jobs available in all sectors, but along with that, there is a lot more competitive spirit for everything. We being part of Gen-X, find it a lot easier to divulge into the thought process of starting our own startups. The society today as a whole understands the real essence of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur these days.

Every now and then everybody keeps asking questions like How to become a successful entrepreneur? Tips to become a successful entrepreneur? but, one must understand Entrepreneurship as a job takes in a lot of understanding, research and many other things which might look easier and simple or small on the insides, but actually frame the most crucial points for an entrepreneur to become successful in his life.

To become a successful entrepreneur, there are some points that one must keep in mind. These points are not only for those who wish to take Entrepreneurship as a career, but anyone. Anybody who wants to be successful can make use of them. Let’s take a short sneak-peak at few of the points here:


As is said, “A person who can vision things, can achieve things”. So, the first and the foremost thing or rule to become a successful entrepreneur is to vision things. Anybody can be an entrepreneur these days, what makes the difference is the vision that you carry along with you.


Once you realize and get a clear picture as to how things would work out and, what you have to do, the next guiding step is the network that you and your team have. It is not necessary to be popular, but having contacts in the right places with the rightful people does Make the difference.

Financial Aid to Startup

Once you have the vision and the proper network for guidance, what makes things little easier to handle once you decide to roll out in the market is the monetary aid that you can assemble through financiers or investors who can help you out in establishing your startup well. Also, it’s very important to assign short-term budgets to every task be it small or big as it cuts down all the unnecessary expenses that might be overlooked otherwise.

Discipline & Determination

A successful leader has the ability to make his team work under all kinds of conditions no matter how adverse they look. If a team wants to make itself counted among the successful teams, it is very important that they understand the meaning of the word self-control and what it takes to be in discipline. Being under self-control leads to getting things done in an organized manner effectively and on time. Also, making things work out in a startup is not always easy, the road might get bumpy any no of times, but if you and the team that you lead is determined to keep working, there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals. 


Another important step that every startup has to be aware of is the fact of keeping itself updated with the happenings of the world around the globe. If they are stuck on age-old technology, they won’t be able to make their niche in this competitive world, so it’s important that they adhere to the changing scenarios and adapt to it at the right time.

 Experience & Execution

The last important step for every startup is the process they follow to execute things individually or as a team. For proper execution, it is important for the team to gain some experience in the field they are working upon. Experience gives them the knowledge and the understanding to differ between what is right and wrong for their team.

Let me quote you some examples of major founder blogs that followed above-said steps at a time. With proper planning and execution, they now are earning pretty well. Not just financially, they are growing in terms of respect as well something which they rightfully deserve.


AirBNB – It depicts the story of two guys who struck a chord with the idea of opening a startup. An idea that changed their lives for better. Their visualization power made the company reach from rags to riches in a short span of time.


Angry Birds: This game gave a completely new meaning to the word games. It affected the entire gaming industry to such a large extent. This additionally also gave a new path to travel to all the developers around the globe.


INSTAGRAM: The most renowned photo-sharing application which just emerged out of the blue and, is now ranked among the most used applications on all mobile platforms.


Pinterest – One of the most widely used apps, when some new idea has to be thought over. Just feed in the category and pick some of the best and unique ideas.

Many other Indian startups inspiring the youth are working around the globe, trying to make their name in the industry. But, the above-mentioned ones created a big time difference. A factor that made them widely popular among the masses.

I personally hope many more startups take over and make India a great place to live in. Their efforts will surely pay some day soon.

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Till then take care and keep smiling 🙂

Signing Off:
Manu Mathur

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