Kickass Torrents Website Returns

Kickass Torrent website returns

None can deny the importance torrents used to play in our daily lifestyle before Indian government took action against them and shut down almost all of the existing torrent websites. PirateBay, Kickass Torrents were some of the widely used names but all were found with a label BANNED.

The closure definitely shocked a large mass of Indian youths who on a large extent relied on downloading the latest movies, games and stuff using torrents. It was just a matter of few hours and the latest collection was out in the hands of the youngsters. Taking the BAN seriously, another popular website  too shut itself down giving another major blow to the users worldwide.

However, after a considerable wait, it looks like the good old days of Torrents is back. As per reports, users can finally again start using the torrent websites for good. 🙂 This ain’t a joke since one of the website owners has definitely restored the status of their website.  Yes, you guessed it right, Kickass Torrents is finally back and here is the valid proof of that. What you see below is the new homepage of Kickass Torrents website:

Kickass Torrents New Homepage

Personally, even I thought this news just another rumor in the pile of fake news that we hear often. However, I still had that hinch – What IF the news is TRUE for a change? To give rest to my disturbing mind, I did some research and found the news authentic. The users can visit the below mentioned links for getting a hands-on-experience on the new website:

P.S – As of now, only this website is known to be working. If you come across any other working link, please feel free to update me. I would gladly update the list for my readers.

To verify the link, I tried downloading a random Bollywood movie using BitTorrent. To my utter astonishment, it actually started downloading with no glitches of any sort 🙂 Check out the image below in case you doubt my statement:

New Kickass Torrent website downloading torrent successfully

Needless to say, the above image definitely gives a hope. I as a techie is surely going to welcome that update and is looking forward to hearing the same from other website owners too at the earliest.

Let me know what do you think on this step taken by site owners in the comments section below.

Link source: Torrent Freak

Take care folks 🙂

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5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain – Must Follow Guide

Best Yoga Poses Curing Back Pain

Before I begin this blog post, let me ask you all a very simple question: How many of you suffer from Back Pain? I would assume almost every one of us would be responding in a YES. One can not deny that today most of us suffer from this menace all credit to our lavish lifestyle. In this new post, I have tried covering some easy yoga poses for curing Back Pain. The methodology isn’t that difficult since it involves some simple Yoga poses which you can easily follow. You got to believe the positive outcomes of doing Yoga every day.

What scares me is the fact that our constant sitting is leading to a nationwide epidemic. Even medical records prove that millions of people suffer from the neck and back pain issue today.

Issues Of Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Organ Cancer: Heart disease or Colon Cancer
  • Leg Disorders: Poor circulation and Softening of bones
  • Degeneration of Muscles: Tightening of Hips and Limp Glutes
  • Poor Strengthening of Back: Less flexibility of Spin and Damage of disks

I wrote a complete blog post on several drawbacks of living a Sedentary Lifestyle. So, do give it a read to understand the impact better. These issues might be slower in effect, but can have a drastic impact on your healthy body in the longer run. So, how can you save and reverse the aches and pain caused due to a sedentary lifestyle? Experts suggest the following tips to reduce the aftereffects:

Possible Cure to Counter Effects Of Sedentary Lifestyle

  • Prefer sitting on something wobbly like Stability Ball
  • Keep yourself in motion by taking frequent walks
  • Regular stretching of Hip Flexors

Other than the above-listed pointers, experts suggest performing Yoga too. It affects our brain and body both physically and mentally. It heals our body and mind in all aspects possible, relieves us of our stress and help our backs feel young again.

List of 5 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain


  • Lie down on your back and extend both the legs and arms long enough
  • Exhale – fold down your knees inside the chest and close over the hands around them
  • To lengthen the spine, try keeping your back flat on the carpet and draw the tailbone and sacrum toward the ground
  • Broaden yourself across the collarbone by releasing the shoulders
  • If possible, give your spine a gentle massage by sliding from side to  side
Yoga pose Apanasana
  • It keeps the lower back long
  • It’s also used in counter stretching against the most common spinal twists
  • It is also useful in eliminating the waste, undue stress and other similar toxin effects
  • Avoid in case of hip injury or abdominal surgery


  • Lie on your back and extend your arms and legs
  • Similar to Apanasana pose, Exhale, bring the knees inside and enfold them with your hands closely
  • Now, holding the right knee as it is, stretch down the left leg completely
  • If possible, try moving the knee from armpit to chest and stop wherever you feel comfortable enough to withstand
  • Keep your back straight and shoulders down  away from the ears
  • Stay put in this position and after a while, repeat the same process with the other leg
Ardha Apanasana Yoga Pose
  • It releases tension in the hips and most importantly the lower back
  • This pose is also useful in releasing the stiffness that comes in the spine over time
  • Not for those suffering from sciatica or spinal injury


  • Start with forming the pose as showcased in #2 above. Once done bring your right knee into the chest
  • Exhale, roll over on the left hip so as to soften the right knee on the ground
  • Maintaining the shoulder-width height, stretch out the hands properly along the floor
  • Keep your left hand on the right knee gently without any kind of force
  • Apply more pressure on the knee by forcing it down on the floor and letting it become heavier
  • Stay in this position for 10-30 breaths followed by bringing the knees together back again to the center
  • Repeat the above steps in the same sequence for the other side

Supine Spinal Twist Yoga Pose


  • Useful in massaging the back portion and the hips
  • It not only realigns but also stretches the back as well as lengthens it
  • Last but not the least, it also hydrates the spinal discs alongside stretching the glutes
  • For those suffering from Back Pain or its injury, they must twist the knees to only that extent up to which they feel comfortable


  • Start with bending yourself into a table-top position
  • Inhale your breath by forming a Cow position
  • Stay in this pose for a while and then form a Cat position. The Cat position is just the opposite of Cow position
  • Repeat 5-10 times to achieve better results


The name – CAT and COW Pose sounds weird right? Here’s the explanation to help you understand the idea behind such a name:

Soften your belly towards the ground lifting your tailbone upwards. Roll back the shoulders broadening the collarbone.  The lifting of chin and the turning of gaze goes toward the ceiling forms the cow position

Tip: The user must not forget that both the head and the neck needs proper relaxation.


Cat And Cow Yoga Pose
  • Stabilizes your wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees
  • It also strengthens the lower back by elongating your spine
  • Place a carpet underneath for supporting the knees
  • If you suffer from sensitive joints, avoid performing this yoga pose


  • Form a Mountain pose and bring both your hands towards the hips
  • Exhale and bend the knees releasing the entire body towards the ground
  • Keep your knees bend
  • Stay calm and let the chest, neck and the head relax and melt down properly
  • Make use of quadriceps ( great extensor muscle of the neck) to let go the hamstrings (large tendon found behind the knee)
  • Push the entire body weight on the balls of your feet and hips stacked over ankles
  • Start inhaling and gently feel the torso lift and lengthen
  • Exhale by taking deep breaths in the same posture


Forward Fold Uttanasana Yoga Pose
  • This pose increases your forward flexion in the spine and hips
  • It calms down your brain and relieves your mind from stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Beneficial for people suffering from insomnia
  • Regular use stretches your hamstrings and calves
  • If you suffer from back ailments, keep your knees bent and soften the body to avoid injuring yourself


Performing different yoga poses on a regular basis not only cures back pain, but improves your entire body structure. If you are keen on taking up Yoga as a regular exercise, check out other notable benefits of yoga. Even if you are not into fitness, having a clear understanding of the benefits surely helps.

Have a secret formula to share with us? Reach out to us via comments section below.

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How to Increase Your Body Metabolism – 5 Simple Tips

Tips to bosst Up Body Metabolism

Nothing is better than the sound of a great diet and exercise, but there are some natural ways in which you can increase your body metabolism.  Everyone wants to be in great shape except for being round. There is no magic formula to reduce weight or on how to increase your body metabolism. Not just simple tips, metabolism can also be kept high if one is clean from the inside.

Your body is burning energy all the time, even when you are resting. The rate at which you burn your fat resting it called basal metabolic rate (BMR). Visit the link before you ask how to calculate BMR and why is it important. Also, fire up your body engine with these sure shot tips about how to increase your body metabolism:

Turn the temperature down

Many would suggest turning up the heat, but I would recommend otherwise. As per a study conducted in 2014 by National Institute of Health, sleeping in a cold room increases a percentage of brown fat. It is a type of fat which helps to burn other fat, in turn, increasing metabolism. Keeping the home or office cool can have similar effects over time.

Drink Water loads of it

With my personal experience, I have witnessed a significant increase in my body metabolism over a period of just one week. Drinking almost 4 litres of water can really keep your mind alert and body active for a longer period of time. Additionally, the stomach is full so you do not feel hungry also so often. For me, it was like hitting a jackpot!

Work Out on your Muscles

Muscles not only weigh more than fat but use up more energy as well. Women in their 30s who train for 30-40 mins in the gym for 4 months can increase her body metabolism up to 100 calories per day during her resting period. The body is simply resetting your thermostat to keep running even for the days when you can’t go to the gym.  One must avoid living a Sedentary Lifestyle as it has its own drastic effects on the body. If you aren’t sure if you are living a sedentary lifestyle, do give my other article on effects of Sedentary Lifestyle a good read.

Keep stress levels at bay

Stress is an entry point to bad health and other illnesses. Keep stress levels to the minimum and try to keep calm in stressed out situations. It will not only help you think better but also maintain your body metabolism. Interesting fact, stress causes a kind of hormone called ‘cortisol’ which builds up belly fat. Now, you know how you are increasing on that portion of the body.

Don’t Slash Calories

This will make your body think times are lean and start preserving fat. Instead slowly switch to more fibre food like fruits and salads. Eat enough calories to match your resting metabolism. For example, for 5 feet 4-inch height 68 kg and a 40-year-old woman, the calorie intake is 1330. Wondering how to find your intake.? No worries, simply visit the link to find your regular calorie intake.

These were some of the simple things which you can take care on a daily basis. Now, if someone asks you – How to Increase your Body Metabolism? Give in your insights with utmost confidence. There are many other factors which contribute to decreasing the metabolism rate. It naturally slows down with age. But, even when you have a horrible daily diet, there are ways which can help increase your body metabolism. Having a high metabolism rate can help in reducing weight and also provide more energy to the body.

You can also read some more 11 ways to boost your metabolism. I am sure both these articles will surely help you in obtaining a good health over the years.

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Exploring the Hidden Internet – The Deep Web


A word of Caution This Blog post on Deep Web is just for information purpose. DO NOT misuse it’s information in a wrong way. DO NOT ATTEMPT to test or access the websites/links given here unless you are acquainted with the basics. Accessing the websites/links for fun purposes might open you up for cyber attacks invading your privacy. 

We as INDIANS are too confident that we are on the brink of seeing another Technology boom in form of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Big Data. We are already on #2 position in the list of countries with highest number of Internet users.  It won’t be wrong to state that if the progress continues at this pace, we would be soon on #1 ranking surpassing CHINA.

Our confidence is amazing, but food for thought is – Are we really gonna ever make it to #1 position?.  You might wonder why do I ask this question. The answer is simply: we might call ourselves heavy internet users, but are we using it to its full extent? NO we are NOT. Its’ because we have no idea the extent to which the internet has widespread.

DEEP WEB / THE DARKNET: Hidden part of web which a normal user can’t access

Various surveys leads to different theories. One of the core theories indicate that among the 7.9 Zettabytes of data available online, we are using just 4% available on search engines like Google, Bing etc. The rest 96% (90% + 4%)  is protected by high-security passwords hidden behind paywalls or can be accessed via special tools or software’s.


The Deep Web is that part of web where all illicit activities take place. It’s that underground area where hackers, pedophiles,  gangsters and even terrorists come together to perform their business. The business involves just showcasing a sample of goods and services and getting their work done.

Levels of Deep Web or Dark Net

The 4% data we access is often termed as Surface Web. However, DEEP WEB on a contrary isn’t just one single layer, but amalgamation of multiple layers. Every layer has its own set of tools and software’s commonly used by dark-net users.


The image is self-explanatory,  isn’t it? We at most reach out till Level-3, all thanks to P2P software’s like Bit Torrent to download pirated content. However, the last two levels i.e., Level 4 and Level 5 are areas which you must visit with utmost caution unless you wish to endanger your security. Making yourself prone to cyber attack on the pretext of having fun isn’t acceptable.

Deep Web Market – What All Can You Purchase?

While I was busy researching on Deep web, I often came across one major saying that:

Anything/Everything that You Can Imagine Becomes Available on DEEP WEB

As the business market of DarkNet is rich and prone to unaccountable risks, covering every item is beyond the scope of this blog post. However, let me jot down few items which you might find on DarkNet websites quite easily:


DarkNet is an open market to both prescribed and illegal drugs. You can find any and all sorts of cocaine, heroin, designer drugs here that has its own adverse impact on the brain power of a normal human being. Few sellers post images of their products online rendering them as legal and 99% pure which worsens the  situation.


To showcase their products as more authentic, some sellers even attach verified documents with the products. You got to rely on the word-of-mouth as you have no means to verify the documents. Feedback of other users is equally important.


Forgery is defined as the practice of making a duplicate/fake copy of any document illegally. The forging of official documents like Driving Licenses, Government. ID’s, Immigration Certificates or citizenship papers of a country are more dangerous than purchase of a drug.


A recent study claims that you can easily obtain a U.S. driving license for $200 while U.S./UK passports for just few thousand bucks. The rapid rise of cryptocurrency in the past 2 years have made us more prone to cyber attacks. Bitcoin transactions/ Credit card details/ PayPal accounts nothing is safe anymore. You can easily obtain information of more than 1000+ credit cards in this market or can stamp the details on blank parchments.


Its no mere coincidence that Deep Web encompasses a plethora of options when we talk about firearms/ammunition or explosives. Cyber criminals leveraging technology can easily purchase these items in any variant on a single click of a button.


As per survey reports, vendors now ship their products by hiding them inside the toys or through shielded packages. The sole benefit of following such a practice is because X-ray machines don’t detect these packages. Other than toys, some suppliers are even seen using musical instruments like guitar, violin etc. to bypass security checks.

Guns are just a small segment of firearms. There is a whole army of weapons readily available for purchase on deep web market. Examples: quarter-sized piece of URANIUM or an EMP Pulse Generator.


One of the biggest examples ever known is of Silk Road shut down by FBI officials in 2013. If you have never heard about Silk Road, check out more information on Silk Road right here.

However, no matter what, a common man is still skeptical to buying arms on deep web. One major reason for such a behavior could be attributed to the availability of the product (in a single piece) in different weapon shows. It saves both the time and hassle of recombining individual components back together.


Yes, the heading might surprise you, but its a hard hitting reality. Deep Web does allow authorized and organized cyber-crime organizations to hire hackers for their illegal practices. A clear example: China’s Hidden Lynx group.


As reports claim, this group from CHINA involves 100+ professional hackers and thieves alike. Cyber criminals who bypassed security of tech giants like GOOGLE, ADOBE etc. too are a part of this group. In the span of last 6 years, this organization has been able to take down almost all major firms of U.S. region. You pay them and their experts would gladly provide you their services.

P.S. – Recently hackers broke into a Casino using fish-tank clearly showing how our reliance on Internet of Things has compromised our security. 

Ways to Access Deep Web Directories

Reminder – DO NOT ATTEMPT to access these Websites or links being mentioned for reference purpose. It’s for your own good.

In today’s digitized world, everybody is a tech-geek having knowledge of any or every technical topic. We are living in a world which is quite rich in information and accessing the layers of deep web is like making yourself prone to mystical dangers. Check out this list of web links you can access while browsing deep web:


I know the term ‘Anonymous browser’ isn’t new to you, but not all of you would be aware of its literal sense.  Being anonymous is the new trend. Everybody tries to surf through the internet on INCOGNITO (private browsing mode) on different browsers. Follow the link to know how to enable private mode on different browsers.

You must be wondering how can you browse all these websites/links to make an entry into deep web. The answer is using The Onion Router (TOR browser). Just like an onion has a number of layers, TOR browser also provides a gateway to the lower layers of Deep Web. Hiding the origin of the page request, it provides full security to the IP address of the end-user. Interested in knowing more about what is TOR and how it functions? Just follow the attached link and enlighten yourself more on the subject.


If you are using TOR, note that every webpage you access has a .onion suffix, indicating that you are not using a normal web browser. Post spoofing even law enforcement agencies are unable to track down a given or random IP address.

P.S:- You can’t access these TOR supportable webpages .onion suffix on your normal browser ever.


I know you are thinking that I have gone crazy. But trust me guys, even Deep web has its specialized search engine just like GOOGLE. Its called GRAMS and both the search engines are similar in user interface and the overall look and feel. A normal hacker built GRAMS in mid-2014 and it won’t be a surprise if one can call GRAMS as the GOOGLE of DarkNet.

Various claims have different stories to unfold. One major revelation claims GRAMS allow the criminals to purchase genuine/good quality guns, all sorts of drugs and even steal bank account details of multi-users across the globe. As the UI of both search engines is similar, GRAMS too comes with an ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button with targeted ads permitting drug leaders to fight for clicks.


P.S.- GRAMS is not just a simple search engine. Its on the same path as GOOGLE and so is diversified to many other domains like:

  • Gram words – similar to Google Ad-words
  • Grams Flow – it gives easy access to hidden sites

Check out this Wikipedia article on GRAMS if you are interested in knowing more about it and the services it offers.


When you get into a conversation with a random stranger online, you call it a chat. When you do this with multiple users at the same instance over a given network, you become a part of a chat-room. We as INDIANS are yet exploring this concept while globally people are too accustomed with the art of talking to random strangers online. You ought to be careful while indulging in a conversation with a random stranger and the same rule applies on Dark web chat-rooms.


The chatrooms on Dark Net operate on the same principle as online criminals have to confirm the authenticity of their product(s) before beginning the transaction process. Few chatrooms seek authentication of newcomers from the admin(s) of that room failing which the user is denied full access. Few chat-rooms hide behind unlisted alphanumeric web addresses making it hard to track them thus requiring special tactics to open up.


Every coin has a flip-side. Hence, I won’t call Dark Web aka Dark Net to be completely bad. It has existed ever since the internet marked its presence. What matters is how we as individuals take it and use it. Though you can find a number of painkillers, sedatives online, yet pharmaceutical agents feel elated by sharing their products through Deep web. What they forget is that they are endangering their national security by following such illicit practices.

What more can be done to improve the situation? Its simple: every countries government needs to understand that privacy is not just keeping government surveillance at bay, it also involves keeping hackers and other cyber-thieves away from a person living a regular life. It’s vital to exercise caution as there is a very thin line between the two worlds i.e., virtual and real and one must not surpass it for the greater good.

Be Aware, Be Safe. 

Pay heed to my warning again: This blog post is solely a guide to Deep Web and what all it covers. It in no manner encourages to start practicing illegal behavior. 

Do share your feedback on the blogpost and let me know your thoughts on Deep Web in the comments section below.

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7 Surprising Ways to Build a Positive Online Reputation

Build Positive Online Reputation

Online reputation really adds as an important quotient in today’s times, also known as “Online Footprint”. This service connects all the dots that is found on the web. Even companies or recruiters continuously check everyone’s reputation online for hunting for potential employees.

It will be interesting to know that 70% of the top management firm said they did not employee a person because of what they found from their online reputation. Alternatively, 27% of the employees wanted to discuss the content which is connected to them online. This shows that job seekers should be more careful about their online reputation and what content they share online.

Meaning of Online Reputation

The term  simply indicates that whenever someone searches for your name on the web, he/she is presented with an entire list of content attached to your name. The content varies between articles/photos/social media profiles etc. If you feel there are things shared in your name but not done by you, differentiate yourself from others. Follow the tips below and see the difference:

Search various Search Engines

Search the results that come up in your name in the Google Search. The top trending items should be professional. If not, maybe it’s time to update your profile. LinkedIn is known to be the most professional profile. Hence, maintain and keep updating the LinkedIn profile.

Showcase your Strengths

Share freely about the accomplishments online so that when anyone stumbles upon your comment or profile they learn something new and positive about you. For this purpose, Quora is the best site to build up a good reputation, try to answer and solve others queries. This can show that you are a problem solver and know how to tackle any situation.

Don’t encourage Negative content

With the privacy policy changing every day of the social network websites, it’s time to take things into your own hands. To check your online reputation, you can make use of these 6 online monitoring tools that make the task easier. Check the privacy settings of friends as well who you think might affect the online image as well.

Differentiate Yourself from Others

There might be instances where your name is the same as another person. For example, there can be hundreds of John Doe and the people viewing your profile can mistake you with them. Hence differentiate yourself online like making it ‘John Doe CA’. This will give you an edge over others sharing a similar name.

Nothing ever Dies

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to data. Especially when it comes to social media. No data ever disappears. Once you tweet something or start a conversation it remains forever. Even if you might want to leave a topic behind you, it might come up again in some form or the other.

Unwanted Public Opinion

There will be times when the public will not agree with your opinion. They might leave comments that might leave you humiliated. This might be true for companies and the bad service they provide. A negative point can ruin the reputation big time.

Google Alerts

This fascinating Google option lets a person set an alert for your name. This allows Google to keep a track of your online reputation by sending you automatic emails if at all one tries searching for you online.

The majority of the crowd treats their social media networks like any other social outlet. Few people really understand the significance of it. The changing times will be harsh as we move more into the digital world. Hence, it has become really important to maintain a good online presence on all platforms.

Before I bid the farewell, I would urge my readers to also follow these additional 6 ways to building positive online presence.  You can also go through this another set of 5 tips to creating a positive online identity if you really look forward to having a good online presence.!

Keep Writing, Keep Inspiring  🙂

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Aftereffects of Living a Sedentary-Lifestyle


The world as we know today is full of tech-savvy creatures. Keeping a luxurious life is in a fashion of status now. The advent of technology has made our lives easier since now we all live a Sedentary-Lifestyle. We put in as minimal efforts as possible to obtain something. But do you know, this luxurious style of living is somehow killing our health? Of course, you know, we all are well aware of good and bad traits of modern living.

There is no harm in using the world resources, but as is said: अति हर चीज़ की बुरी होती है  so, being cautious should be our primary goal. It’s not my personal perspective, but even scientific health researchers believe in this fact. As per statistical reports, if you sit or relax for longer durations, it might lead to your premature death.

How Workout Reduces Impact Of Sedentary-Lifestyle

As per the recent study, if an individual remains seated all the time, he/she is surely stepping on and knocking on the door of an early death. A regular exercise regime for at least an hour daily is enough to keep one at par with fitness. If you believe exercise won’t make any difference, do check out how exercise reverses the effects of sedentary-lifestyle.


Even Norwegian School of Sports Science and the University of Cambridge in the UK analyzed approximately one million people from various studies. Most of the people who became a part of this research were above the age of 45 years. The study gave clear hints that workout regime wins the race against laziness. The current study reveals that 60-75 minutes of activity keeps a person fitter than the rest.

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

As per research, all those people who stay still for 5+ hours while watching Television are more prone to offset death. We know almost all negative effects of Sedentary-lifestyle, yet we are digging our graves with the luxurious world around. The equation is simple:

More seating leads to increased health issues

So, maintain your body metabolism by exercising regularly and pave the way to a fit body.

P.S.: People living a sedentary-lifestyle are more prone to suffer from Colon Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes


Internationally accredited organization WHO states that an individual extends the scope of suffering from Type-2 Diabetes nearly by 90-percent due to regular sitting. For those who aren’t aware, Diabetes is a chronic health problem these days. Frequent standing positions or a little walk in sitting jobs can relieve can be useful and relieve one from ill effects.

A regular habit of taking a short walk keeps a person healthy and fit into this fashionable lifestyle. To cut down upon Sugar, Fats, and lipids in the body, walking is the easiest way possible. It also improves Life expectancy and kicks out many health issues out of life. You can easily make use of these 5 tips to increase your body metabolism.

If you too are a #fitnessfreak, do share your #FitnessMantra in the comments section below.

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How to Improve Your Proofreading Skills


Quite recently, I shared some tips on how to become a good writer. That post did receive some good share of response across all my social media posts. A writer apart from knowing the tactics of writing must be good at Proofreading. Before taking a leap into what is the basic process of Proofreading, let’s first understand the basic meaning of the term.

Proofreading as a whole involves checking grammatical errors, punctuation errors or typos. It can take on some extensive editing too depending upon the situation and the need of the hour. To make Proofreading process easier, proofreader’s make use of some notations like – colorful ink, brackets, default symbols etc.

Usually, people are confused between the terms ‘Editing’ and ‘Proofreading’. They often ask What is the difference between Editing and Proofreading? Understanding the same confusion, let’s just take a quick glance on the image below listing down the basic difference between the two terms:

editing- versus proofreading-basic-difference
editing- versus proofreading-basic-difference

Even Rushang Shah states:

Writing and Editing is Art. Proofreading is Science.

Right Way to Start Proofreading

Now, this question has and still does confuse a lot of budding writers. If you too find yourself confused on what is the right way to proofread, hold your chin up and take a quick look at some easy-to-understand tips:

Print and Read

This looks a costly affair, but comes handy when you have a lengthy post/article to scan through. If you too come across anything of this sort, print out the document and make the proofreading process easier. Marking the errors out using a pen/pencil would also help you decide quickly if your document is ready to publish or you need to devote more time to it.

Tip: Read your document line-by-line 2-3 times at least and mark the errors using a bright colored pen/marker (Blue / Black) to reduce the error probability to the minimal.

Read Out Loud

If printing the document and editing is not your forte do nothing, but just read out loud the document. Your vocal cords might suffer if the document is too lengthy, but it will be worth it. You will be able to catch the mistakes faster even if it includes just a faulty verb ending to any word that got missing.

Tip:  The manner of reading should vary depending upon the content type that has to be dealt with. Let’s suppose if the text in context has a dialogue then it’s vital to attach different personalities to the characters to make it sound more effective.

Using Spell Checkers

Whoever designed online spell-checker must be getting blessings from all the writers across the globe. Spell checkers are a savior, a must-know tool for proofreader’s as it allows them to easily catch and edit repetition of words, phrases etc.

You are able to rectify petty errors which your eyes might fail to perceive. However, as every coin has a flip-side , ensure you don’t rely on these tools for everything.  Your commonsense is the best tool you can trust  on while reviewing a piece. These tools are just an alternative to make our task a little easier and they often fail to  understand the context like a normal human being.

Example: They block words like “infinitesimal” or “compartmentalization” whenever a typo occurs, but contrary they also often allow such mistake like this to go through.

Tip: You can also take a look at the top 5 online tools that you as a proofreader can make use of to generate an error-free copy.

Before Proofreading, Improvise

Another factor that impacts the overall proofreading process is the formatting of the piece. Take a quick peek at these basic rules to improve the look and feel of your content piece irrespective if its a blog/article/newsletter or anything else:

  • Short Paragraphs: Break down the content into multiple paragraphs wherein each paragraph is of just 3-4 lines. It enhances readability and lets you proofread the piece quick and easy
  • Font Size or Typeface: This looks a small change, but makes a big difference. Depending on your convenience, choose a particular font size and a typeface. Besides, if you feel confused with the typeface, you can simply prefer Zoom feature and use it
  • The split of Columns: Another simple strategy which you can follow is splitting the text into two columns. All those who use Microsoft Word must be knowing how to do that. However, for those who don’t, here’s the step-by-step instructions:
    • Open MS Word on your system
    • Ensure you can see a ruler across the document boundary. If not, press ALT + W keys together followed by R ; OR you can also follow the long route as (View >> check mark the Ruler checkbox
    • Once you see a ruler, again click on Page Layout tab from the main menu bar
    • Under the sub-menu, choose Two as your option
    • Ruler divides into 2 sections indicating that Word document now supports a two-column layout
Self Made Checklist

This is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) task. No online tool can help you here. All you have to do is: prepare a checklist writing down your repetitive mistakes. Once you have a list of mistakes, you can chalk them out in all your document pieces. Consistent approach towards checklist concept will help you quickly rectify your mistakes without relying on any tool or person.


The process of proofreading ain’t easy as it enfolds a range of minor yet important tasks. You need to put in a lot of effort, consistent practice and hard work to become a good proofreader. Follow the above said practices on a daily basis and I am sure you will be able to grasp the art of proofreading much faster.

Now if someone asks you: what is the basic process of Proofreading, refer them to this guide and I am sure they will thank you later.

Tip: If you want to be a proofread like a pro, checkout this amazing list of 6 ways to better proofread an article

If you are aware of any other proofreading technique which I haven’t mentioned, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Your feedback and comments are as always welcome.

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Entrepreneur – Meaning, Types And The Rest Story

A very simple question for all my readers – Who is an Entrepreneur? How many of you can list down the precise meaning of the term? I might be wrong in my assumptions, but I believe Very few. It’s because one cannot define and explain it in a particular manner. Every individual defines the word as per his/her understanding and nobody can judge them on the mere basis of it.

However, the word originates from a French word ‘enterprendre’ which means to undertake a task. You can also refer to the Oxford definition for a better understanding of the word.

The journey of becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy as people believe. Other than hard work and a lot of patience, you require other virtues too. Having these virtues do not make you successful at one go, but does ensure you are on the right pathway. A quick overview of all major virtues:

  • Faith in Yourself
  • Care and Respect for Others
  • Balance in Work and Life
  • Not to Lose Hope

You might think its easy, but remember the saying Practice leads to Perfection. Keeping the same fact in mind, refer to this article by highlighting 7 entrepreneurial virtues to live a successful life.

Every organization follows a different principle while embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. Check out my other article on Every Startup Beholds an Interesting Tale. It helps you understand what inspired the founders to establish their respective startups and what made them successful despite the odds. If you plan to become an entrepreneur, it is important for you to understand what makes these firms tick.

Every human being comes with a different thought process and its evident from the humongous ideas flowing around. The overall thought process and the personality of the founder contributes a lot to determine the success or the downfall of any startup. The next segment highlights different types of Entrepreneurs we observe around us.

Types of Entrepreneurs

Various surveys help us understand that there are majorly six types of entrepreneurs which gives the word SUCCESS a different meaning. The below infographic gives a detailed description of all the six types and will also help you identify as to which category suits your personality the best:



You must have heard the saying Success doesn’t Come Cheap. You got to work hard to achieve your goals. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to keep the perseverance and strive on a consistent basis to gain perfection. At times you would lose your concentration, peace of mind while you are on the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur. However, the freedom one gets from Entrepreneurship makes the wait worthwhile. You just need to work on the following three important factors:

  • How You Define Your Goals
  • What You Seek from your Startup
  • Balancing both Your Business and Personal Lifestyle

Being self-employed requires guts and a lot of patience. You just exercise caution in your decision-making. Every decision taken by you impacts your organization and determines its growth or downfall in the coming future. Check out this article by to understand 7 Aspects No One Tells You about Being an Entrepreneur.

If you have any queries or simply want to share your Entrepreneurship story with us feel free to comment below.

Infographic source:

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Tips to Celebrate Your Retirement-Life Proactively


The trouble with retirement-life is that you never get a day off

Is your retirement just around the corner? Does staying proactive post your retirement-life worries you? Stop worrying and check out this post highlighting some simple tips to help you walk through your life post-retirement easily. Retirement is a phase which doesn’t come cheap. The prospect of finishing one life to begin another in succession is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are already retired, you might think that you have no goals to accomplish. However, as you move beyond the years, your brain and body demand more attention. It becomes important to keep them proactive, so if you have a job, you get to enjoy various mental benefits like:

  • People start Appreciating your Efforts
  • You no longer Seek an Answer to – WHAT NEXT?
  • You have time to learn something New every day

Statistics reveal not every person loves their retirement-life. It is simply because it cuts down their daily dose of the excitement of meeting their co-workers and spending time with them. As per the Aegon’s 2017 Retirement survey, several factors contribute behind retirement out of which being unemployed falls on #2 position. Take a quick look at the image below to get a better insight into the results.


You might correlate old age to retirement, but experts believe otherwise. As per them, retirement-life give you enough time to look after yourself and bond with your family members. Additionally, it gives you time to fulfill your dreams which seemed afar due to time constraints.

Activities to Pursue in Your Retirement-Life

Every day someone retires or is on the verge of entering the retirement phase. If you too are about to retire, plan your everyday routine well-in-advance to avoid leading a sedentary life. Check out these 5 simple activities to keep yourself fit and active throughout the day:

Outdoor Activities are Important

The best way you can keep yourself fit as a senior citizen is by indulging in outdoor activities. Physical labour isn’t the only aspect, but simply spending time with nature also counts. Studies validate the fact as it improves your breathing, and refreshes your inner soul. Activities like walking, cycling, playing football are just a few examples that you can try. The sole motive of participating in an activity is to avoid living a sedentary lifestyle. There are several after-effects of living a sedentary lifestyle that you must look into to avoid any health issues later.



Participating in any of these outdoor activities come with their own set of advantages like:

  • Mental Peace ensuring Better Sleeping Habits
  • Fresh air boosts your Immunity levels
  • Regular physical labour improves your resiliency to physical illness
MEDITATION – Your Ultimate Connection to Inner Self


The above image reflects the importance of meditation in our life. Meditation, as many believe, isn’t any exercise, but a way to help you connect with your inner soul. Today’s cut-throat competition forces us to live a robotic life, so meditating every day helps us regain our lost energy. However, before we move forward, let me clarify one wrong but important notion about meditation. It is not just concentrating blankly, but the truth is:

Meditation = De-concentration

To achieve complete sync with your inner self, you ought to empty your brain from all thoughts. The less you think, the faster you relax and de-stress.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is good for you as a human being. Your age, caste or religion has nothing to do with it. Let’s take a quick overview of the advantages of performing meditation on an every day basis:

  • Boosts your Confidence
  • Relaxes your Brain and Body
  • Keeps your Blood Pressure in check reducing Anxiety attacks or Heartaches

These are some prominent uses of Meditation. However, Art of Living created an amazing infographic highlighting some not-so-talked about benefits of meditating. Check it out right here:



If you suffer from tiredness and are bogged down by workload, try Meditating daily. You might not see the results in one go, but stay put under any circumstance. As is said: Perseverance is the Key to Success. So, keep meditating and gradually you will notice the positive changes around you.

Books – Ultimate Source of Knowledge

When you were in school, you must have learned the proverb: Pen is Mightier than the Sword The quote has a sense of meaning to it. It highlights the importance of education in your life. The more you read, the better human being you become. But, over the years, we have seen a considerable downfall in the people who are fond of books. You no longer find people in the libraries buying/returning books as they are busy fiddling with their gadgets. Services like Amazon Kindle makes the situation worse.

You might ponder: How are books related to your retirement? or How can books keep you proactive? The reason I correlate books with retirement-life is that it gives you knowledge. Picking up the right book not only enlightens you but gives you the ability to share your knowledge with others especially your grand-children.

Every book teaches you a new skill altogether, so read more to learn more. Books are not just for entertainment, but they improve your mental ability and keeps your brain active. An active brain helps you sleep better and you are able to retain your memory for long durations unlike other people of your age.



One must note that not every senior citizen is socially active. If your grandparents suffer from mobility issues or loneliness, inculcate in them the habit of reading. Books will allow them to connect with its fictional characters and its plot. Ask them to participate more in the online contests or in book fairs. By doing so, they will bond with other people of their age sharing mutual interests. So, considering all these benefits, make it a habit to read more books. They are the best source of knowledge for every human being.

Painting – Unleash Your Creativity

Post-retirement, the elderly often feel that they have no purpose left in their life. At such times, it becomes important for you to make them understand how important they are. Give them proper love and care to keep their spirits high and avoid the chances of them falling into depression. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through paintings. Not every retiree is a painter, but this small activity will help them a lot. Enroll them in an art class or make some space for them at home. A paintbrush and a notebook are all they need to unleash their artistic side without constraints.

Your grandparents spent their entire life raising you with good moral ethics. They gave you the best education, encouraged you to participate in extra-curricular activities etc. So, now, it’s your duty to encourage them to pursue their dreams. Help them complete their artbook and motivate them to share it with relatives and friends as it makes them confident and gives them a sense of satisfaction.


I recollect a very famous quote of William Shakespeare:

“A Man with No Imagination has no Wings.”

So, let your grandparents be creative and create whatever comes in their thoughts. The more they imagine, the more beneficial it is for their brain development. If you are wondering How Successful is Painting as a Career? or What are the Benefits of Painting? So, here’s your answer:

  • Amazing Stress-buster
  • Flushes out Negative Emotions
  • Makes You more Expressive
  • Improves Your Emotional Quotient
  • Enhances Your Concentration and Observational Powers

Joining an Art class will also help your grandparents socialize and make friends. Needless to say, Friends are important for every age group. So, let them Paint, and let them Socialize. It improves their overall personality.


Give your Parents your time and make memories with them. They need your love, care and attention just like a baby does. So, don’t let them down just on the pretext of you being occupied. Show some respect to your parents because you mean the world to them. They gave you the best of everything, so repay them by giving love and respect.

Do check out this Forbes article to know 10 things your grandparents can do within 5 years of their retirement. It would be hard to guess what your elderly takes a liking for, so keep your eyes open on all the prospects.

If you have some funny tale of your grandparents the comments box is all yours. It would be a pleasure to know how your grandparents love spending their retirement-life.

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VPN – Setting Up On Different Platforms And Using It


One thing that I can assure you with utmost confidence is the fact that – you are no longer safe. I say so not in terms of your financial status, but in the way you browse the Internet.  Your every single browsing activity is traceable. So, the question arises – How to stay safe while browsing? The answer is to use Virtual Private Networks aka VPN to get the best browsing experience.

Defining Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

There are many definitions available for Virtual Private Networks on the Internet. However, one can define them simply in one line as:

A network service that creates a safe network enabling you to browse internet anonymously on Internet both on private and public networks

For newbies, I further classify the definition as:

Virtual : no physical connection between the parties exist. The comm. relies completely on Internet

Private : transmitted data is fully confidential to prying eyes using encryption and secured tunneling

Network : it specifies the mode of communication. It can either be either of the categories:

  • private/public
  • wireless/wired
  • Internet or any other resource applicable
Benefits of Using VPN

No doubts that the benefits are endless, but let me give you only the ones that matter:

  • You stay anonymous
  • Your data stays safe and secured
  • Gives you legal authorization of content which otherwise comes with limited access
  • Let’s you decide the rights of geolocation i.e., decide which websites should have access to your location

Caution :  Just because you are anonymous, doesn’t mean you can browse Dark Web in a hideout.  Both are completely different from each other. Follow the link to explore the hidden internet – the Deep web in a detailed format. 

Working of VPN

Other than definition and benefits, it is also important to garner knowledge of other significant aspects related to our blog topic. If you find Google language a little hard, worry not and follow the image followed by a list of 3 pointers for a better understanding of the working in a plain simple language.

  • When your system connects to a VPN service, an exchange of trusted keys takes place between the system and server
  • The communication gets encrypted as soon as both the systems are verified
  • A secured connection allows encrypted transfer and receiving of data

Insider Tip: Consider the features. the price, the number of servers (and their locations) and majorly the connectivity protocols before you make a choice. DO NOT TRUST EVERY VPN. More than anything, it’s simply your provider that counts.

These were just the basics. The post now enters phase II i.e., INSTALLATION PROCESS. Do take a note of the OS you are using and accordingly follow up the steps for an hassle-free experience.

How to Start/Install a VPN Easily
  1. Perform a Google search and choose a VPN service that meets your requirements in the best possible manner
  2. Register yourself as a permanent member by signing up for free or via paying a subscription fee

Voila! You are now a registered member. Just follow the steps (mentioned below) to setup Third Party VPN on your system:

  • Download the installation file (.exe format)
  • Right click the file and choose Run as Administrator to obtain admin rights while installing
  • In case Windows default User Account Control (UAC) pops up and asks for a password; type it in and click on YES to continue the setup
  • Fill in your VPN login details once installation is over. You can also explore the options if necessary and finally click SAVE
  • Once setup gets completed, follow the steps (OS specific) to begin the manual installation process:
For Windows OS
  • Use websites like / / to find a range of address for connecting and pick one address out of the list
  • Click on Start button and type VPN (in small case) in the search box
  • Click Set Up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to initiate the process
  • Remember the address (server) you chose? Type its IP address or domain name in the assigned boxes and click NEXT
  • Finally enter the keyword VPN (in small case) as login credentials for both username and password
For iOS

Setting up a connection for iOS platform is simple and quick. Just follow the below two steps and you are good to go:

  • Follow the path as follows: Settings >> General >> VPN 
  • Click on Add VPN Configuration
  • Enter the IP address (server) & the Account Name for completing the connection setup
For Mac OS

People usually consider Mac OS to be trickier. However, setting up a VPN connection on Mac OS is an easy affair just like Windows and iOS. Read along the steps carefully to avoid any hassles:

  • Firstly, get hold of an address (from the list) that you can connect to. Take help of sites (mentioned above in Windows category) for further assistance
  • Find out System Preferences and click NETWORK under it
  • Find ADD (+) option at the bottom of the list and choose VPN from the pop-up menu
  • Next choose the type of connection you are setting up from the pop-up list. Usually you get either of the three options: PPTP / L2TP over IPsec / Cisco IPsec
  • Under Account Name enter VPN and then click on Authentication Settings
  • Enter VPN (in small case) twice for Password and Shared Secret
  • Click OK  followed by a click on CONNECT  to establish the connection successfully

Also read: 5 Free Virtual Private Network services


Though I do not encourage using VPNs, but staying anonymous is a personal choice. However, if you still chose anonymity, browse legal content online and avoid surfing the rest. The INTERNET is an open space and anything you browse gets recorded which you can never hide permanently.

Enlighten yourself more on VPNs by checking out this TechNet article to understand the functionality of Virtual Networks.

Already using Virtual Network services? Share your experience with us via comments section below.

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