The world as we know today is full of tech-savvy creatures. Keeping a luxurious life is in a fashion of status now. The advent of technology has made our lives easier since now we all live a Sedentary-Lifestyle. We put in as minimal efforts as possible to obtain something. But do you know, this luxurious style of living is somehow killing our health? Of course, you know, we all are well aware of good and bad traits of modern living.

There is no harm in using the world resources, but as is said: अति हर चीज़ की बुरी होती है  so, being cautious should be our primary goal. It’s not my personal perspective, but even scientific health researchers believe in this fact. As per statistical reports, if you sit or relax for longer durations, it might lead to your premature death.

How Workout Reduces Impact Of Sedentary-Lifestyle

As per the recent study, if an individual remains seated all the time, he/she is surely stepping on and knocking on the door of an early death. A regular exercise regime for at least an hour daily is enough to keep one at par with fitness. If you believe exercise won’t make any difference, do check out how exercise reverses the effects of sedentary-lifestyle.


Even Norwegian School of Sports Science and the University of Cambridge in the UK analyzed approximately one million people from various studies. Most of the people who became a part of this research were above the age of 45 years. The study gave clear hints that workout regime wins the race against laziness. The current study reveals that 60-75 minutes of activity keeps a person fitter than the rest.

Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle

As per research, all those people who stay still for 5+ hours while watching Television are more prone to offset death. We know almost all negative effects of Sedentary-lifestyle, yet we are digging our graves with the luxurious world around. The equation is simple:

More seating leads to increased health issues

So, maintain your body metabolism by exercising regularly and pave the way to a fit body.

P.S.: People living a sedentary-lifestyle are more prone to suffer from Colon Cancer, Obesity and Diabetes


Internationally accredited organization WHO states that an individual extends the scope of suffering from Type-2 Diabetes nearly by 90-percent due to regular sitting. For those who aren’t aware, Diabetes is a chronic health problem these days. Frequent standing positions or a little walk in sitting jobs can relieve can be useful and relieve one from ill effects.

A regular habit of taking a short walk keeps a person healthy and fit into this fashionable lifestyle. To cut down upon Sugar, Fats, and lipids in the body, walking is the easiest way possible. It also improves Life expectancy and kicks out many health issues out of life. You can easily make use of these 5 tips to increase your body metabolism.

If you too are a #fitnessfreak, do share your #FitnessMantra in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Aftereffects of Living a Sedentary-Lifestyle”
  1. Very true. So we make it a point to get up on our feet and do some walking, standing, and stretching to avoid health problems in the future.

    1. Well-said, Jhoe.

      With current situation ongoing wherein all of us are WFH, it becomes important for us to focus on our health and indulge more in physical exercises. Apart from work, exercises like walking, stretching, running, etc. can surely help and pave a way out for us to live a healthier life.


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