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With the birth of a new baby, many a time, the expecting mothers will feel worried and overwhelmed about how they are going to take care of them. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to head towards the popular term ‘Attachment Parenting’. Attachment parenting is a simple idea. It’s developing a  connection with your newborn based on how to respond to your baby’s needs. It’s called getting behind the eyes of your baby. Parents can raise a child who is confident and caring. Along with a solid foundation for becoming an assured, and empathetic parent. This will help parents learn to understand and follow their natural instincts and incorporate AP into their everyday lives.

Birth Bonding

The first few weeks should be spent by parents together with the child to form a bond with the newborn. After all the rewards of having a new kid are cuddling with them. But birth-bonding isn’t like super glue. It’s a lifelong process.


It should be done for as long and as frequent as possible. Besides baby milk, it’s a special time to bond with them. This intimate contact increases bonding by teaching the parents to read their facial expressions and sense the body language. If a medical complication prevents you from breastfeeding, don’t worry, the mother can start bottle-feeding as its a time of high touch and high communication too.


New parents visit the doctors to understand how to take care of the infant. This is especially good for fathers who are learning how to be a great dad. By getting a mom’s eye view helps the child to tune into their environment and the people around them. It’s also another way to involve dad in attachment parenting. Mothers often notice that once the fathers get the hang of handling the infant they are simply hooked.

Bedding close to a new baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep in the same room as the parents. They can separate sleeping surfaces, to reap the benefits of nighttime attachment. Keep your new baby within arm’s reach and in a safe sleep environment.

Baby language

Babies cry in order to communicate and not to manipulate. Hence, learning how to understand the baby’s cries and respond appropriately is really important. It can be anything, whether feeding, a diaper change or a comforting touch. It teaches her to trust you to understand her needs and take care of them. As the bonding grows, the mother can understand the needs better.

Baby training

Friends and family will be jumping in to give their advice. But, if you have put your new baby on a schedule, they will know that you cannot be manipulated. Parents should modify attachment parenting to help him/her into your family and your lifestyle.

No matter what people or the internet says, it’s your instinct that matters. So, keep your eyes and ears close to the baby and they will make it easy to understand them. It’s your baby after all. Enjoy the newly found parenthood and the entire process of becoming a parent.

Do check out this amazing list of new baby’s announcements in the family to give a warm welcome to your new family member. Are you expecting a new baby in your life soon? Feel free to drop in your queries or thoughts about motherhood in the comments section below and I would be glad to answer all of them with utmost patience.  🙂

Happy Parenting…

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