Emotional Intelligence And Personality: How One Affects Another

Have you ever felt dissatisfied or unhappy even after performing well at academics or at work front? How many times have you felt that you aren’t able to understand your feelings or of the people around you? Have you ever felt yourself at an awkward position just because you aren’t able to convey your thoughts to others? A single YES of yours will imply you are suffering from nothing, but low-level emotional intelligence.

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Startup: How Are They Changing Overall Business Ecosystem of India?

Startup: How Are They Changing Overall Business Ecosystem of India?

Shraddha aspires of becoming an entrepreneur and draws out millions of startup ideas every day. She desperately waits for her 2-year MBA course to finish so that she can start working on her dreams. Clearly, she ain’t alone; Entrepreneurship has emerged as a potential career option for almost everyone especially youth. Today youngsters need a strong strategy to recapture their ideas and convert them into a successful venture. They dream of unique ideas and hence require the right support and the highest funding.

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Content Creation Strategy- A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that while you are sound asleep, millions of content pieces are created all over the world, surprising, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered why your content fails to enter the A-list of these millions of excellent content pieces? There is a 100% chance that your content is not reaching the right audience or delivering the right message. You can create one of the best content pieces, but it is not necessary that it reaches the target audience. In today’s era, the digital platform is overflown with abundant content, whether in the form of videos or blogs. For your content to be effective and efficient, you must have a content creation strategy.

Let us know more about it in detail.

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Sleeping Less?? Some Easy Tactics to Help You Deal with Insomnia

Ananya was in the constant habit of giving her work more priority over sleep. Her parents always used to make her understand the importance of sleeping properly, but she never paid much attention. For her, work always came first and then everything else. You could always see Ananya on her smartphone or laptop working or giving orders no matter at what place she is. Her 24/7 work schedule made her avoid social gatherings, and gradually she lost her best friends too.

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Podcasts – A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners to Get Started

The content industry has changed a lot over the years. When I stepped into the blogging world in 2015, people had limited means to promote their content. As time progressed, people started consuming content like never before. Currently, the audience consumes any blog post, social media update or an infographic within 60 seconds. This gives an understanding of the power of content marketing and how it became a trend. Of late, the audience started showing more interest in audio content i.e., podcasts. So, considering the shift, the content marketers started using podcasts in their content marketing tactics. Their blog posts, video content, etc. focused more on podcasts and they were able to engage with their target audience quickly and more efficiently.

If you are beginner, you might not be familiar with podcasts at all. Your mind would be full of questions like:

  • What is a Podcast?
  • How can Podcasts help me reach out to a wider audience?
  • What tools can help me out in creating a good podcast?

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Startup: 5 Effective Pitching Strategies You Can Always Count On

Do you plan to start a business of your own? Have you thought over an innovative business idea which is worth nurturing?  It’s time to woo your potential investors with a compelling business idea to convert it into a successful venture. The investors won’t just believe your words. The only way to engage them into your business idea is by showing them a demonstration. Show them how profitable your business idea is and how can they can achieve a good return on investment (ROI).

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TikTok – Indian Government Plans to Close Down the Application [UPDATED]

Looks like the golden days of the most popular TikTok app is now over. The mega-popular Chinese app future is uncertain especially after the Indian government decided to put a ban on its usage in one of its key markets around the globe.

As per reports, the Indian government has asked the world’s top IT conglomerates Apple Inc. and Google to bring down the TikTok app from its official play store. The application operates on both the Android and the iOS platforms and allows users to create and share short video clips with their loved ones. The app in question drew immense criticism from Indian politicians for its offensive content yet, on the contrary, grew popular amongst the youth of the country.

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Deteriorating Mental Health of Teens: Should Technology be Blamed?

Today, technology happens to be the most powerful tool in the world. Depending on the usage, it can have both positive and negative effect on an individual. Latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. are helping a lot of industries across the world. However, we still cannot ignore the possible threats which these technologies can bring along. Rather busying themselves in physical activity, the kids now enjoy spending all their time with the latest gadgets. It’s scary yet a reality. So, how right are we in blaming technology for deteriorating Mental Health in Teenagers? Are we as human beings not equally responsible for relying so much on the latest inventions? Check out this blog post to find out answers to all these pressing questions.

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SEO Ranking – Why it Matters for You & How Can You Improve it? [UPDATED on October 24, 2019]

Dave owns a blog and pushes his team to churn out quality content daily. He works round-the-clock to ensure his blog stays ahead of its counterparts. However, his efforts never show him the results he anticipates. His blog rankings rarely improve and the blog posts hardly make to the top of the SERPs list. Can you correlate to this short story? Many of us feel proud when our business gets successful online, but how many of us can maintain it? Due to poor marketing and SEO techniques, we are often touched back to the ground. So, the question worth asking is: Why is SEO so important for your business to thrive online? Read along the blog post to understand the basics of why SEO rankings matter for your business and how best can you improve it?

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Storytelling – How Stories Revolutionize Our Digital Presence

Creating a positive online reputation in today’s cut-throat competition isn’t a cakewalk. With the digitization expanding, you must think of ways to stay connected with your audience. You might ask – What is the best way to build a connection? The answer lies in one simple word – Storytelling.

Storytelling is not just an Art, but a Science. A science that can make or break an article or a conversation quite easily. Other than entertaining the kids, even the organizations have started using stories to expand their business globally. So, if you represent an organization, check out these simple hacks to connect with your potential customers:

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