ACCEPT IT! Parenting teenager kids have never been an easy task for the parents, while for some it still isn’t. The teenagers are now too smart, tech-savvy, and definitely, more career oriented. The involvement of technology has definitely provided a respite to a large number of parents, but relying completely on it would be a wrong step. I understand every family is different and so is the upbringing of kids, yet we can not deny the importance of having a one-to-one communication with them.

Other than 1-to-1 communication, there are various other parameters that you as parent must take into consideration to understand your teenage kid better. These factors remain constant through out the globe and very parent should exercise them to have a smooth journey of parenthood.

Parenting Teenager: What You as a Parent Can Do?

Becoming a parent is a blessing in disguise, however, managing kids is no easy deal. If you wish to improve your relationship with your teenage kids, try out few of these easy hacks everyday and you would observe the changes automatically:

  • Self Expectation

The first and foremost rule that you as a parent must remember is that: every human being is different. Your teenage kid too is a human being and hence he/she can have a dream of his/her own. Understand them as a kid and help them achieve their goals rather than imposing your self-will. This will not only enhance your kids morale, but will also strengthen your bonding with them.

  • Help them Socialize

Make your kids understand the importance of socializing and why it is important in life for their personal growth. Once they understand this, it would be easier for them to choose their peers clearly. You can also plan a dinner exclusively for their friends to know them better. Doing so will make your kids realize that you too care about their friends and they would be able to discuss out their problems with ease.

  • Accept their Mood Swings & Hormonal Changes

When kids enter their teenager stage, they experience various hormonal and behavioral changes.  You as their parent must help them understand the reason behind these changes and simultaneously should extend your morale support. Once the kids understand the reasons behind these changes, they are able to handle them the right way. It won’t be easier for your kids to share this abrupt change, so observe the following circumstances around you:

    • Do you observe any physical changes in your kid?
    • Is your teenage kid experiencing a mixed feelings; something which he/she finds hard to explain?
    • Is your kid getting upset on angry on petty issues without any particular reason?

If the answer to all these above listed questions is YES, then understand that your teenager kid is at a crucial stage and requires your moral support more than ever. Handle their reactions with utmost care and set the right example of parenting teenager kids.



  • Let them Identify Themselves

One who learns what is best for him/her goes a long way into life. As parents, it is important for you to give your teenager kids the freedom to explore what’s best for them. You must help them realize their potential. In this cut-throat competition, you mustn’t impose your will on them, but should suggest them ways to proceed on the pathway of making their own stand in the society.

Parenting Teenager: What Teenagers Have to Say?

It’s not just the parents, but even teenager kids have a viewpoint of their own. They too want the parents to understand what makes them tick. Let us now sneak into what teenagers have to say on this:

  • Academic Comparison

Thanks to Indian education system, our kids are in a constant competitive mode. Every now-and-then the pressure to undertake exams and perform well keeps them stressed out. However, we as parents must understand that no two kids are same. Every teenager kid has a different mental ability to understand things and learn. Not every kid can take up so much pressure to cram up things and pen it down on a white sheet.

Parenting teenager involves not just nagging of studying, but of how can you make it a fun-filled activity for them. Comparing their scorecard with their peers further complicates the problem. “Sharma Ji Ke Bete Ke 90% marks aaye out of 100%” has nothing to do with your teenager kid’s intelligence. The foremost step to parenting teenager kids the right way is to understand their calibre and help them achieve their dreams accordingly. You as parent must remember “Not everyone is born intelligent right?

  • Become a Better Listener

The Almighty gave us two ears and one mouth for a specific reason. However, we human beings are completely doing the opposite. As parents, you must listen to your teenage kids properly, as lack of communication can hinder their growth badly and simultaneously impact your family bonding. Teenage life brings a lot of internal changes in the kids, but it is upto you to determine what is it that worries your kid the most. Keep a check on your teenager, but never bind them under mindless constraints.

The age of 12 – 18 is small, but all about experiments and the parents must encourage their kids for the same. It helps the kids learn and face the harsh realities of life. Through this way, the teenage kids learn to fight with their self-generated outcomes before they actually step out in the open world.

  • Respect their Privacy

Privacy Concerns just at the age of 12 – 14? Sounds funny, isn’t it? However, the fact is – respecting privacy of anyone isn’t funny at all. Every human being has the right to ask for it, no matter what age. During this tenure, every kid gets conscious of his/her self-identity and looks out for ways to prove their decision power. They start taking decisions by themselves without much thought and some even start hiding things from their parents. I personally do not encourage the aspect of kids hiding things from their parents, but yes you as parent should respect their privacy and give them some ME time every day. It will strengthen their thinking ability and they will be able to discuss out their worries on free will.



  • Be Kind and Noble

Kindness is one emotion that is common to all human beings and the same rule applies to your teenager too. Some parents in the heat of things often speak things that hurt the child both mentally and emotionally. Parenting teenager kids is one aspect, but being rude to them in the name of parenting would turn them more rebellious. The kids seek love from their parents, so make your kids understand the importance of kindness. A proper guidance will help your teenage kid grow into a good human being and will keep your child happy. A popular quote read:

The absolute best way to raise kind kids is to be kind parents

Making kids a part of important family decisions  not only maintains the balance between the family relations, but also gives a massive boost to their personality. Parenting teenagers is possible if the parents keep a check on the above stated factors and the kids too play their part well. Rather than playing a hostile role, if they understand the parent’s perception, things would be much better on an everyday basis.

You can also read additional tips on parenting teenage boys for giving your kids the right upbringing and simultaneously understand your child in a better way. If you as a parent would like to contribute to this post, feel free to reach out to me via the comments section.

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