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The Mojo of Self Motivation and Some Practical Tips

Table of Contents Be OrganizedPrioritizeTake Power Breaks7-8 hours’ SleepProper DietAmbience MattersMusic – the Mood EnhancerStrengthen Bonds With Friends and FamilyBury the RegretsCommunicateBattery Draining? Plug in Yourself for a Recharge One can never get enough motivation. We browse through videos, articles,… Continue Reading →

Cashaa – The New Way of Managing Economy

Table of Contents Basic Process of CryptographyHow to buy Cashaa in IndiaCashaa Builds Next Gen modelVerdict To understand about Cashaa, you must first understand the literal meaning of the word Cryptocurrency. The term Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that… Continue Reading →

Let Positivity Brim Out

Table of Contents Smile more oftenStop CribbingSay No to GossipingPlace the goodies on top of the listStay healthyAppreciate the little joysEmpathize the less fortunateBring out the joyful youEngage with the right peopleMaster your hobbies and flaunt yourselfDress up Be the… Continue Reading →

Top 10 SEO Tips and Tricks To Help the Newbies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements for sustaining an online presence. No business can thrive without a proper SEO and content strategy. Experts across the globe implement various techniques to enhance their brand value over… Continue Reading →

Want To Be A Good Entrepreneur? – Know These 5 Must-Have Characteristics First

Table of Contents Entrepreneurship BasicsPASSIONFEARLESS and DEDICATIONFINANCIAL MANAGEMENTSELF ANALYSISMarket AwarenessVerdict There was a time when entrepreneurship was not a viable career option for anyone. Almost every Indian family had ‘N’ number of engineers/doctors or someone from other elite professions, but… Continue Reading →

Become A Good Writer Following these 9 Amazing Tips

Table of Contents Read and Write As Much As PossibleObtain Clarity in Your ThoughtsBegin Your Writing Piece With a QuestionUnderstand your Target AudienceTalk it ThroughPractice the Art of DeletionLocation Matters – Choose it WiselyExperiment but Maintain OriginalityAcknowledge the Feedback There was a… Continue Reading →

A Comprehensive Guide to Root an Android Smartphone

Table of Contents Basic Terms You Must KnowRooted Your Android Smartphone? What Next?Should You Root Your Android Smartphone?After-effects of Rooting Android SmartphonePre-requisites of Rooting Android SmartphoneWhy Are Paid Apps So Important For Rooting Android Device?Practical Implementation Of RootingSAMSUNG DevicesHTC DevicesLG… Continue Reading →

Drip Marketing : An AIO Guide

Table of Contents What is Drip Marketing?Benefits of Drip CampaignsTypes of Drip MarketingTop-of Mind DripsEducational DripsRe-engagement DripsPromotional DripsCompetitive DripsExamples of Drip CampaignsPractice Style Matters Drip Marketing is an age old concept, but people still are unaware of it and about… Continue Reading →

Bounce Rate – All You Should Know

Table of Contents What is Bounce Rate?Bounce Rate EquationFactors Affecting Bounce RateLanding Page DesignPage Load TimeHyperlinks MatterHow to Improve Bounce RateQuality CONTENT is the Key Identify your Target Audience Remove Annoying Advertisements and Pop-upsRight NavigationConclusion Hey folks, this post on… Continue Reading →

4 C’s of Content Writing – A Must Read Guide

Table of Contents Clear/ClarityConciseCompletionCorrectnessConclusion “And what, you ask, does Content Writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right.” How many times have you… Continue Reading →

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