Normally I do not prefer to give any warnings before I begin with my posts. This time I guess it’s necessary since this post defines IAm16ICanRape  book and my personal thoughts in general as well. This post is different from all my previous works and, so I would advise my readers to exercise caution.

THIS POST IS WRITTEN JUST TO CREATE AWARENESS among the  PEOPLE of the INDIAN Society & let them know the Mistake they are COMMITTING.

Many of my readers aren’t aware but I am quite a reader myself. That reader of me coaxed me to grab a very unusual book titled  #IAm16ICanRape written by Kirtida Gautam. The title itself intrigued me so much that I actually started thinking as to what all can I expect. I was eager to see it and more importantly read it till the end. To give a stop to my curiosity and thought process I actually bought the novel and, started my journey.

As I progressed further in the book I realized the depth with which it has been written with. Salute to Kirtida and her entire team for the research which they must have undergone while writing the book.

Calling it just a novel would be an understatement, it’s more than that. It has the ability and the power to slap you right on the face word to word. The torture would be such that you won’t even flinch at it, but would just want it more. Sounds funny eh.? No, it’s not.


I know many would have thought what kind of novels have I started reading these days. They would also start judging me on some weird parameters. Without looking and knowing a bit as to what made me do it their first dialogue would be somewhat like:

Is Nam-ki bhi koi novel padta hai kya? Kaisa ladka hai ye..?  (Does anybody ever reads this kind of novel? What kind of boy is he.? )

But, I don’t blame them. We all are born and brought up in a society where not a single soul understands the real meaning of the word RAPE in itself but still being the creatures of habit we portray as if we know everything about everything. But the truth is nobody knows Nothing and when it’s about RAPE, forget about understanding nobody even dares to talk about it. Thanks to the society for this.

Some time back I read a line somewhere which said:

People understand things only when they Read about it or Talk about it.

But, I don’t think its 100 percent true, since when it is about RAPE, nobody follows this trend. Why.?
Why it happens that we do have tremendous energy to fight with each other on trivial issues in the name of religion, caste, education and many similar factors but, we do not find even a single soul in our society who has the guts to fight for the cause which fights to bring a change in the mindset of people against this word RAPE, WHY..?

No answer to these questions right..?

One thought or rather a question which keeps popping again and again in my head & keeps me disturbed is:

Is it that bad a word that we – the so-called future of human race can’t even make people understand the meaning of this word ever.

Though I do not conclude that after reading this novel everybody would suddenly start understanding the real essence of the word RAPE. It depends on the frame of mind of the reader as to how he/she takes it. But, I am sure once they start reading it they would have the understanding of so many facts. The kind of facts which usually nobody gives a thought unless it means something to him/her.

The book actually gives you an insight into how our mind can react to certain kind of situations. The modes we human beings work into and many other similar aspects. But, apart from all this knowledge which Kirtida has included in the book, one important fact which she as an author and also as a lady wants people to understand is that RAPE is nothing but just a word. It’s neither bad nor good and definitely not a Taboo. It is only the society who has created this psychology of Good or Bad in not only our heads but of everyone around us and the only factor which she feels can bring a change to this is WE OURSELVES.

It is WE – The Society who has the all the power to bring the right change in the law and constitution of the country we are a part of. The only thing we require to understand in order to bring such kind of change is the power of Unity that we possess.

Through her book Kirtida Gautam wants people to understand the fact that it is OK to talk about all this stuff and, just like we pass on our knowledge on every other topic to our children, it is time to ensure that we guide them on this part as well so that they do not wander around in their own train of thoughts and live under the false hope that they know everything. It is high time that we as their elders take the responsibility of guiding them towards the right track before they start their journey on a path of which they have no knowledge of.

Personally I Manu Mathur and Kirtida being responsible citizens of India can only request the fellow readers. One must make the right choice to bring the right change at the right time. Read more about the 3Cs of Life.

We can’t afford to wait for the right moment to knock at our doorstep. It is important that we take the stand now, grab the moment and make it Right before it gets too late. In the hope of getting at least one hand in support for the cause, we stand for, I bid your farewell. 🙂

Signing Off:
Manu Mathur

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