I do not know as to how can I give this post the proper start it deserves but, I know one thing for sure, that many times in life or I should say almost at every important phase in our life, we are presented with a CHOICE to make, a CHANCE to take and a CHANGE to see. These 3 Cs in Life holds importance not only for me but for many out there as well.

As is said: 

Life is a Boomerang, it gives you back what you throw at it

So, make sure you do good to people. Exercising caution is important since you do not know as to what comes bouncing back. Doing Good to people will go a long way in your own life. Let’s just take a look at each of the C around which our entire lives revolve.


 It’s the first C in our Life, & as we are human beings – just another name for mistakes. Being humans, it’s not necessary that we always make the right Choice. We may or may not make a wrong decision in Life too. However, whatever be the Choice we make, one fact which we must remember is: 

Life is all about Mistakes. One who doesn’t commit any Mistakes, Doesn’t learn a Thing

Even Albert Einstein had said: 

Anyone who has Never made a Mistake has Never tried Anything New

So, don’t hesitate, just go and make the Choice  as it comes to you. Don’t think about its outcome or if it’s the right one or the wrong one. Just go for it. If the Choice is right, it will give you a positive experience. However, if it turns out to be a Wrong one, it will only give you a lesson to remember for Life. The lesson will help you in being cautious the next time any opportunity knock at your doorstep. Always remember:

The Real Mistake is Not Making any Choice at All


The second important  of our life, and often mistaken for the word Choice. However, in reality, both the words are the complete opposite of each other. How you ask..?  Okay, let me explain.
If at all you falter at the time of decision making, you are sure to get down. So, be wise and grab the opportunity as it knocks on your doorstep. Life may present you with any no of CHANCES to do a task but leaves you with only two Choices – A YES  or An NO.

It is then up to you to decide whether you want to make the Choice and, grab the Chance or let it pass. If you pass, it can be used by someone else to benefit from it. Whatever you decide, always remember one fact:

You do not get a second chance for anything in life, knock out the first one itself


It is the last and the most important out of the 3Cs in Life . If we are completely true with the first two C’s, then this one gets implemented all by itself. We do not have to put in any extra effort for this at such times. As is said, if we make the right Change at the right Moment, we are sure to excel in every field. That being said, I recall a very popular quote in my hand which goes like:

Our life is a Vivacious Circle of these 3 C’s only

It is imperative that we understand the fine difference between these 3Cs of Life. Once clear with the differences, we surely can implement them for making our lives much better.

As my last resort, I would just say one concluding statement:

Always Make the right Choice to grab the right Chance to see the right Change in your Life

Before I bid you farewell, I would also like my readers to read this article on the importance of 3 Cs in Life. I hope it inspires you to make the right Choices so that you and your near and dear ones can lead a better lifestyle.

Signing Off: 
Manu Mathur

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