I hope you all are doing great in life and is thoroughly enjoying the new hubbub of Indian society. Confused as always, eh..? OK let me explain, I am talking about a very sensitive issue here about which all of us are aware. The new fever correctly referred to as – SelfieWithDaughter fever.

I still remember those days when no-one was aware of  something like Selfie as a word. It was in 2013, that this word actually started making its stand in our Indian society, & is now flourishing at a tremendous pace.

Many thanks to our honorable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has now initiated a rather interesting initiative. An initiative was taken in order to stop the menace of Sex Ratio. In his latest radio program, he earnestly requested the Indian parents to post their SelfieWithDaughter on social media. But, while stating this, he forgot a very small yet a bigger question  – How can taking SelfieWithDaughter change everything.?


The problem with Indian society is that we do try changing things a lot of things, but this practice doesn’t continue for long.  I wonder how many of us are still working in support of #CleanIndia movement also known as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

This practice isn’t bad and hence must be taken seriously. We ought to support our PM since it’s a step taken to give our future generations a bright future. But, the question still lingers for how long India will support this noble initiative.?

What is the Root Cause?

When I sit and think about what could be the main issue behind all these problems, the only word that strikes me is MINDSET. Yes, you read it correctly, our HUMAN MIND is the Root Cause. Coincidentally, people believe that just by posting some 1 or 2 photographs as a part of SelfieWithDaughter campaign would work. But NO, it won’t. Not when others are intelligent enough to decipher the real motto behind it.

So, the question pops out: How to change this filthy mindset? The only solution I can think of being humanitarian is the implementation of STRICT POLICIES.  Once our policies become severe and culprits begin fearing them, then only can we expect positive results. The early the rules change, the better it is for our nation.

It is time that we actually start working on Women Empowerment and giving due respect to our Mother’s and sisters instead of just talking about it. As a very famous quote reads:

Don’t Just Talk About It, BE About It

Change of mindset is I believe to be the First Step to having a successful nation. Unless one is not able to change the mindset, nothing else can.

So, my only request to One and All is to CHANGE YOURSELF. Once you initiate the process, the society would all by itself start changing. We got to take The First Step, then only things will change for the better.

This is a never ending debate, but giving it a rest, I would just dedicate one quote to all my readers that goes by:

We are the CHANGE we seek. WE are the One’s We’ve been Waiting For.

 Signing Off :
Manu Mathur

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