Why One Should Invest in Land? This question has been troubling almost everyone from quite long.  Nobody has till date been able to answer this question properly, and I personally can not blame them for this. Still, the feeling which one gets by saying This is My LAND and I proudly Own it is simply incomparable. 

One can not deny that many people still consider Real estate business a pothole of muddy waters. So, obviously nobody wants to make his hands dirty by jumping into this sector. The society has always found it difficult to accept and decide on if they should invest in Real Estate or not. Most of the people are still finding answers to Why One Should Invest in Land?

But, as it is said

Change is a part of Life. Nothing remains Static for long

So, just like everything else changed, this philosophy of Why One Should Invest in Land too had to undergo a change, and so it did. In today’s world, everybody is fighting for money and it has led Real Estate business to emerge as a very solid platform. A platform that is letting not only the investors earn a hefty amount, but also normal sub-standard society. Now, most of the people try investing in Real Estate more and more, no matter to which class they belong.

The answer to Why One Should Invest in Land? question has changed over the years and now people actually try investing money in this sector. Let me jot down 9 essential factors that can be held responsible for bringing this unusual shift in the mindset of so many people:


Becoming a part of Real Estate business requires no formal education. ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME can begin investing in this sector with no fear of his money going down. Even the concepts of Real Estate are easy to understand and comprehend. They are plain and simple to begin with.


Investment in Land is no longer a risky affair. Investment in any kind of property is now quite flexible – thanks to several kinds of plans. Everybody can find something to fill up his pockets easily. The profit ratio has increased manifold as compared to what it was few years back. The higher percentage of cashback has made it one of the fastest methods of earning well. One of the most famous investors of 20th century has rightly quoted:

Our Favorite Holding period is FOREVER

Easier Modification

Once we have purchased our own land, then only we realize the importance of Renovation of Land. The literal meaning of the term can vary from person to person. But, if asked, it simply can be a minor change of color, some change of furniture or accessories. One can not deny that no matter what gets renovated, it surely gives a new aesthetics to the entire house.

Real Estate vs Share Market

Most of the people often get confused between Real Estate and Share Market and counts them as similar. However, in reality, the terms are very different from each other. Let us just take a short overview of both the terms:

  • Share Market : It calls for understanding on a lot of aspects including – how the system words, how trading is done and others.  Understanding the policies of fund managers and of research brokers is also vital to get a better grip on the subject.
  • Real Estate: Understanding Real estate might not be that easy as it seems. That being said, let me share something – its not that tough also.  Anybody can learn about this sector with a little help from the Internet. Even regular visits to auctions held time to time can create wonders and can definitely become a great source of information.

Full Control

The heading itself indicates what this point can include. Investing in a real estate business allows a person to gain full control of the property. The buyer doesn’t have to rely on a third party for any task.  One can increase the value of both the property and the rental to improve upon the cash flow.

On the contrary, Share market  makes one completely dependent on third party brokers for every dealing and trading that takes place.


The term Negotiation and Real estate run hand in hand. Everything from buying a property to selling it works flawless  because of Negotiation. Michael Yardney has rightly quoted : Real estate is an imperfect and a flexible market.

This flexibility has actually made people think on the prospects of buying and investing their hard earned money. The extent of Negotiation also depends majorly on the concerned parties and even on the current market trend.

Tip: Find some more reasons to invest your money in Real estate which surely can enlighten you more on the topic.


No matter how much Real estate gets praised, one cannot be sure of its stability. There are times when it gets to its lowest level possible. However, still if we look over the past many years, this sector has shown has been fairly stable. That sense of safety makes it one of the best markets for a common person to invest into. Also, with due course of time, it is a surety that  the rates of investment would increase, and so would the end profit.


The real estate sector is actually less volatile and as stated above holds flexibility. In this sector everything from legal formalities to any kind of inspection, all gets taken care of quite easily. It is also advisable to make a purchase in a well-located area since it makes the property stable and less prone to any kind of crash.

Long Term Investment

The recent crisis shook the real estate business badly. But, as I stated all have their ups-and-downs and this too had its time. History of last 10-15 years makes it clear that real estate business is highly valued. That being said, one can also say that this reputation will likely not get faded in the years to come by. The property once bought can easily be passed onto generations without much of a thought.

You can also read some other Key reasons to invest in real estate.  Not just this, I hope this article featuring  different ways to invest in a land also proves equally beneficial for you.

Though one can find endless and never-ending points to validate the fact. Still, concluding the post, I would just say this one line:

Investment in Real Estate isn’t that Safe, but its definitely worth a Try

Happy Reading, Happy Learning 🙂


Signing Off:
Manu Mathur 

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