Quite a weird title.! Isn’t It..? I am sure many would be wondering why such a title for this post unlike the previous smaller and meaningful ones. To answer all these weird questions and unseen expressions, let me write down just one word – The INTERNET. 
Now many would wonder why am I focusing only on The INTERNETdespite so many other major issues..? 

The reason is quite plain and simple to understand:

The INTERNET is no longer just a word, rather it now holds a very important place in our hearts

It’s funny since when I was in my childhood days, I was taught that:

Oxygen and Water form the base of every human life

But as mankind developed, many things changed, this being one of the major ones. I do understand the fact that: 

 Change is a part of Life and no human being can overrule it

but, a change that changes you IN and OUT drastically has to be taken under control at the earliest. Recent surveys conducted by various governments worldwide clearly indicate that we as mankind are getting addicted to the Internet to such an extent that now we are ready to survive without water for the entire day, some even for days, but, without the Internet not even for a second.

Yes, I know it’s shocking, Isn’t It? but, this is the only reality.

 “Paul Carvel”  has rightly stated:

Internet: Absolute Communication, Absolute Isolation

Internet came into existence to serve as the only medium to bring people in touch with each other just on a one click basis, which is getting bigger minute by minute,and, surprisingly we are doing nothing at all to give it a stop where we are supposed to.

Have any one of you ever given a thought as to what would and could happen if this connection which we share with the Internet today suddenly brakes down..? What if one day you get up in the morning,and, realize that you no longer can access your virtual life which holds more importance now, and, which despite your knowledge made you fall into the trap of loneliness, and, isolation, and, no matter how much you try you aren’t able to move out of it.

Life is all about living each moment as it comes

Being a part of Gen-X, I understand what the Internet means for us today, and, so I would never say to completely ban its usage, but, it would be better if we understand where and how much we are supposed to use it.
As it is said :

It’s never too late to begin. We can always start from today itself

So, despite the advantages and facilities Internet gave us, and is still giving us, it would be better for the entire human race to STOP giving the Internet the value it currently gets from all, and we start acting sensibly now.  You can also read how too much use affects child’s brain drastically.

Concluding this post, I would simply state two lines for everyone, which I guess are sufficient to make everyone understand where are they getting wrong when it comes to using the Internet: 

Don’t let the INTERNET Control You, rather You Control It
Prioritizing holds the key to our survival

Signing Off :
Manu Mathur

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