I don’t know as to how should I start this blog post, neither did I knew I would be writing it at all. It just crossed my mind as to give it a try and, so here I am writing on this topic which I would say looks easy but is the hardest to write upon as a writer. Before I begin, let me ask you  a very simple question : What do you understand by the term MOTHER. ?? What is the first thought that crosses your mind on reading  the word MOTHER? Let me know in the comments section below.

Though I agree that the basic meaning of motherhood has definitely changed a lot over the past many years, but no matter what your age is, a 5-year-old kid or a person of 50 years of age, the basic meaning of MOTHER for both of them is the same. If  I as a son gets the opportunity to define what a mother is, I would simply say:

 Mother’s are nothing but a gift of God

and, as people rightly say:

Since God can’t be present everywhere for everyone, so he created a soul by the name Mother for every child present on this planet Earth

With Mother’s Day just around the corner the time has come all over again when most of Us would be thinking about different gifts for Mom’s so, check out the latest collection at Gifts for Mom When we are a baby, she puts us before herself all the time, takes care of us even if she’s sick,she makes sure that we as her only child are given the best of everything. She as a person teaches us the true meaning of love, care, affection. She as a lady teaches us how to respect a girl, women living in the same society as we are.

She teaches us a lot many things which I guess I won’t be able to put into words here more of as a son than as a writer  but am sure you as my avid readers can understand the feeling by yourself. What we must understand is she never complains us about her own ailments, her problems, her concerns and unsaid fears.

It is we who has to understand that no matter as to how much we grow as a person, if we can’t understand and respect our parents especially Mother’s, then in the near future even our own children won’t respect us, and as the proverb goes :

If you wish to earn respect, learn the rule of giving it too

But no matter how much I say it loud here, the underlying truth which we all know but still find a little hard to realize  is that as time flies by, we grow as a person, get busy in our own lives, neglecting her, ignoring her advice, her care and the selfless love which still is the same as it was when we were a baby, and once she is no more a part of our life, we miss her. Isn’t it strange, that when you grew as a person in the society, you ignored, you abused both physically and mentally the very same person who actually made you understand the harsh realities of life when you were still a baby.

We can always earn thousands of bucks for our hard labour that we put into our job, but if we are not putting in even a little effort in solidifying our bond with our mother who gave birth to us, then earning all those bucks is  nothing but a  total waste. If we can’t keep her happy in the real sense, we can never remain happy. I don’t know how many of you would be able to understand what I just conveyed here, my only request to one and all is, no matter what you become and where you are, never stop loving your mother as you too would cross this stage and hopefully will understand what it means to be a mother, a parent of a child at that time.

Signing off :
Manu Mathur

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