I know its been long I posted something for all of you to read on. But, I guess to write something good, it is very important to do a complete research on the topic. The topic which I come forth today has been under discussion only verbally from age-old times. The change of time has surely led the world to change and think deeply.

The world as we know of today is far more advanced, understanding and definitely practical.It’s a good change to see that people are no longer just talking about things but, are actually working. It is important to bring the change we as a society rightfully deserves. Before your head starts spinning as to what am talking about, let me just disclose – I am talking about the concept of Gender Equality here.

Do you know what’s funny..? It is the fact that I and all of you personally have studied about Gender Equality right from our childhood days and, we still read both the newspapers and social media alike about the endless political talks, reforms, and movements which people take around the globe to bring the change. But, my question to one and all is:

Can these movements really help, if Mindset is the Root cause.. ?

It is easy to blame out others, but when it is about Us, we tend to flee from the scene. I don’t blame anybody for this as it’s a natural human tendency one can not part away from, but think and tell: Can Not talk about it in the public or with each other Help.? I guess NOT. Ignoring the subject is not the solution guys since being together creates wonders. There is also a saying that clearly defines it:


So, let’s stop the endless discussions we involve each other into and bring the rightful Change in the society. I would request all of you as my readers to join hands with HeForShe – An initiative for Gender Equality undertaken by UN Women under the guidance of Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Read more about Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

HeForShe is just not just another movement or initiative as I said but, it’s a revolution which though in small quantities has actually started making its impact on the world. Get a glimpse of the impact of HeForShe campaign which I came across just yesterday. I am sure once you watch this video, it will actually make you ponder as to what have we done till date to help out the noble cause. Let me define it for you in just one word: NOTHING.

Surprised.? Please don’t. It’s a fact that we as noble citizens of this society have done NOTHING till date to stop this ill-treatment. We only speak of women in the public thinking it would make things better. But the fact is it won’t. Nobody believes us and, to what we say unless we implement and show it. Understanding the same, I again would repeat this to all of you:

Only if We Stay United, Can We Achieve What We Set Out for

If you think I am right, join hands with me in this movement and make yourself count. If I inspire even one soul, it would mean a lot to me and to all the supporters. Get an overview of HeForShe. You can also visit the official website of HeForShe campaign.

The organizers have also made a PDF version of the HeForShe Action-Kit. One can grab the  copy of Action Kit of HeForShe campaign right here.

That’s all for the day folks. In the hope that you guys would come in support, I bid you farewell. I also hope you take a stand not because I tell you but also because: If Not Now, When..?

Signing off:
Manu Mathur

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