Most of you must be aware of the Harry Potter series. Yes, a series that won the hearts of millions. All credit goes to its Author J.K. Rowling for writing a flawless script. The series became popular also because of He Who Must Not Be Named. This post uses the same phrase with a little modification – He Who Must Not Be Changed. The phrase in which the keyword He implies nothing, but We the Humans. So, Go on. Happy Reading.. 🙂

This post is actually about every single human being that exists on this beautiful planet Earth. This post is also to a great extent inspired by the current political issue that runs on every news channel. Yeah, I am talking about the case of Beef Lynching here. This case no more concerns the beef or the law & order or even the Hinduism belief. It now concerns the evil that is raising its head to crush sanity and the secular forces. This is about the sick mentality that has refused to come out of its stagnating mindset. A mentality that wants to control every single weak they encounter to prove they are strong and thus superior. Read more about the Beef Lynching case.

After following the case of Beef-Lynching closely, one thing which I personally realized about human beings is that no matter how much they say this famous dialogue:

Main to Apne Dil ki Bat Sunta hu and vahi karta hu jo Dil kehta Hai

In reality, we human beings get easily influenced by the surroundings we live in. Though I am not against any religious communities or the policies and practices they enforce on the citizens. But, this ratio of influence which I just spoke about seems to be the highest among us Indians. Surprisingly, it’s the highest, if we talk about it from a global perspective. Sounds Strange ? Yeah, I know it does sound strange. But we Indians can not be blamed completely for this behavior. Our age-old colonial past i.e., British rule is one of the biggest factors for such a mentality. Had Britishers not ruled us, things might have been a bit different today.

However, another question that keeps pestering me all the time these days is:

Did education ruined our mindsets so much OR is it something else that we now can’t even distinguish between what is Right and Wrong for ourselves.?

We call ourselves well-educated all the time, so how can we sound so dumb to blindly give into someone else musings.?

Are We really Dumb or Are We Not..?

It’s confusing since recent incidents doesn’t indicate this: not to me at least. I do not understand where are we heading towards?  Read the article to understand the reason that forced me to speak such a statement. The almighty gave human beings the brain for a reason and it was just to think, analyze and act upon things using our own discretionary powers, but it looks like we are playing on somebody else’s tunes these days. We are clearly following the trend of He Who Must Not Be Changed by not allowing people do the right thing.

The media – so-called messengers of good news today bring only abusive content. A content that contains nothing productive but only unproductive content. All these news then makes the concerned person guilty even if he’s innocent in the real sense. A clear example of this is the Beef-Lynching case.

Even Oscar Wilde used to say:

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

So, is that really too much to ask for.? I guess not. We all are independent individuals with the ability to understand things much better than those who are not so fortunate like us.But we still do not take advantage of this factor and Just Be Ourselves for once. We must use our mind and our common sense to make decisions. It is vital that we do not give into the thoughts of others around us.


It’s not that hard. If achieved, it would only make this place a better place. Don’t You Think ??

It’s my request to one and all who read my post:

ACT NOW or We Might Lose What We Feel Proud Of – OUR HUMANITY.

You can also visit the link here to better understand the meaning of Just Be Yourself and three ways to achieve it.

Signing Off:
Manu Mathur

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