This is just not a post rather a part of ME that I would like to share with you all. We as human beings have a very rare tendency to cling to everything that crosses our paths. Our habit of keeping memoirs makes things worse for us only. The memoirs can either be a person or something materialistic. Just after spending some time with them, we start feeling that they are THE ONE. We start believing that nobody can understand us better than the way they do.

We despite knowing the fact that everything is materialistic, still commit to them. Once they leave we become vulnerable on all aspects of life. We struggle hard to stand firmly on the ground despite saying that we are the strongest. Our struggle makes it hard for us to even face the challenges that are yet to cross by. The sole reason to all above said question lies in one habit of ours. Yes, you guessed it right:

The Habit of keeping Memoirs

As we are well aware that no two human beings are same and stand unique in terms of nature and other characteristics. We must understand that just the way no two people are same, even the style of keeping memoirs can vary. That being said, one can not deny the fact that the actual reason is same amongst all. The style of expressing it can differ, but rest all remains the same.

Did any of you ever gave it a thought as to why this happens? I guess Not. It happens because we do not let go of our habit of keeping memoirs. We keep the memoirs alive buried deep in our hearts even if we  are no longer in touch. We human beings are Creatures of Habit and hence are afraid of Change. 

I do not say that all memoirs are bad, some are even good. One must be prudent enough to find the difference between the good and the bad. To be successful, it is imperative that one holds the good memoirs tightly. You must have also heard the famous saying:

Behind every Memoir, there’s a Long Story

So, make sure the memoirs you hold onto are the ones that give you the energy to fight with your problems, and not vice-versa. This so-called story which every memoir hold and mostly remains unsaid holds the reason why it is hard for us to let Go of our habit of keeping memoirs.

The memoirs can be in any form: 

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio Clips

or any other form of media. However, no matter what the form is every form has its own special charm and it must be cherished. 

But, think what if one day you accidentally lose everything that you have saved. Every single detail that you had in a way that it became a part and parcel of your life. What if you lose access to these memoirs? What would be your reaction like?  How would you feel?? 
What did you just say –  You have No idea?  Now that is what I call  an unexpected response.

Let me try explaining it from my perspective.

If any such disaster would have happened with me, I would have shattered into pieces. The fact that all those memoirs that I preserved safely no longer exists, Everything that became a reason for me to smile has now vanished. The stuff that gave me the confidence of just being ME in this fake world is a thing of the past.

But yes, at such times of despair that one thing that keeps me going is the HOPE of getting everything back. Even if I do not get it back, this HOPE helps me fight back with all my negativity and makes me feel alive. If I lose the HOPE, then there are chances of me breaking down both mentally and physically. Read more about the Infinite Power of Keeping HOPE on a daily basis.

So, my only advice to one and all is NEVER LOSE HOPE. If that goes away, the prospect of getting back in shape perishes. So, face all your problems with a big Smile on your face.  🙂 You just have to BE YOURSELF and the rest would be taken care of by the destiny itself. Read more about the Power of Just Being YOURSELF and about the Power of Being. I am sure these articles would inspire you to a great extent.

You can also read my another post titled He Who Must Not Be Changed that also requests human beings to Never Change themselves no matter how adverse the situation gets.

In the hope that you always Keep Smiling. I bid you all farewell. 🙂

Signing Off:
Manu Mathur

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