In Life we come close to a lot of people as we move forward, but there are certain people who actually stick to us for life, no matter how stupid or how weird we might act or sound. Those bunch of stupid, crazy people we surround us are called – Friends. It is even said that among all the relations in the world, the bond of Friendship is the best. It always was and it always will be.. 🙂

These people we call Friends somehow match our frequency to a great extent and we connect with them in an instant. The ways we get along with them is unexplainable no matter how hard we try doing so.

Though it’s always ME, who forbids everyone to say a thank you in return. However, let’s make this special eve an exception, and consider my thanks a small token of appreciation. A token of appreciation for the bond that I share with each one of you guys uniquely 🙂 Am seriously blessed to have you all in my life.

I have always been telling people as to how lucky I am when it comes to making friends. There is a long list of people whom I can call my special friends. Shivangini Trisal, Shivangi Singh, Dakshita Jain, Surabhi Sharma, GP Singh to name a few. Though these all hold equal importance, but I can not deny the role of my special Five. These bunch of special 5 have actually supported me always and, know me IN and OUT.

The journey with my special 5 has been no less than a cakewalk. It’s been a journey of lifetime with you guys, and, you know what , you all are simply amazing. I don’t have words to actually tell you all how much I love you guys… 🙂

Let me just introduce you guys: my special 5 aka “Furious Five” as we normally call US to the rest of the world out there.

1) Varun Kumar (aka Vk) : He is  the only Vkone in my group, who can actually understand what I am trying to say. My eyes and my gestures are enough to make him understand.  When I am with him, i hardly feel the need to speak because he already knows everything. What I am thinking or planning to do is already conveyed to him, don’t know how. I sometimes attribute this understanding to happen because of Telepathy, but I only am not sure yet. Whatever, it is, I just want to thank you for all your scoldings. Your Care, Love, affection and what not has made me what I am today. I  seriously owe you big time buddy.

2) Apoorv Singhal (aka Appy) : Man, you seriously are one of a kind. The world might think you to be a man of serious character Appybut, they do not know the endless pranks that you have played on me. Only we 4 know the actual “chupa-rustam” that you are behind that sweet, innocent look that you carry everywhere. But,  still behind all those pranks and other teasing I am proud to have you. Thanks for always being there with me. 🙂 

3) Akshay Kalra (aka Akki) : hmm, what to say about you, you  actually are the real mastikhor of “Furious Five”.  Though you are way too far right now, but always remember, you ain’t that far as such. Just three words to define you, ”You Rock man”.  Just be the way you are, and, don’t you change yourself ever.

4) Prajay Bangur (aka Bangur Cement) : Hmm, you are I guessBangur the most sincere one in our group after Me of-course ;). Though you are witty and smart,  but I guess i still haven’t seen the funny side of you properly. I hope I am not speaking wrong here. Am I.? But, whatever be the case, you know , you are no less and are the best. Proud to have you in my friends list. 🙂

They are few others too who though not being in “Furious Five” holds a very special place for me and will always do:

Shivangini Trisal:  . . . What .. ? ? You still did not get it, Isn’t it ? It’s just that I am unable to find words to define you as a person. I do not know from where should I begin. It’s kind of tough to tell you how and what I feel for you. ! Still, to save my neck, I can try a One Liner for you as well:

You are just unique and indeed a true friend. Thanks for being with me always..:)

Shivangi Akash Tomar Singh  : I guess you are lucky that you found me. :p Just kidding. You already know the reality behind this line. But, still I would like to tell you something about you, which I never told you on our endless conversations. You are a true motivator and a great human being, I am blessed to have you. Had you been not here, don’t know where I would have been. Thanks a ton my sweet little Shibu seriously 🙂 🙂

Dakshita Jain : Hmm I guess, you are the real person whom I should be thankful to. It is  because of you that I am back here, as in the field of Writing. You unknowingly inspired or I should say motivated me to start it all over again.  Your words had always been inspiring me from Day-101 and I hope it keeps going on forever. Thanks a ton Dakshi for every time boosting me up whenever I felt low. I owe you big time. 🙂

Surabhi Sharma:  Despite being college buddies, I never got the guts to talk to you. You crossed me millions and zillions of time, but I never found that courage in me to even say a Hi. However, post college, it has been a pleasure knowing you. I know it is not important to tell you, still let me.  Just Be You and never lose your self-identity. It is your USP and hence must be preserved. You are the Best the way you are. 🙂 Thanks for becoming an indelible part of my life.. 🙂 🙂

You all and I Together are more than Friends, We all are like a small gang. 🙂

Not just the listed ones, I thank each and everyone else who came into my life. Some for the good, while some left footprints on my prints which can never be washed away. Had you guys not come, I wouldn’t have been the way I am today.

The journey of Writing can go forever, but concluding this post, I would just say:

Thanks a ton for bearing me all this long. I hope our Friendship stays Forever and gets better and better in due course of time… 🙂

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY everyone. . .  🙂 

You can also go through another post that describes vividly about the importance of Friendship in Life. In the hope that you like it I bid you a warm farewell. I hope your Friendship goes a long way. 🙂

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