I promised my college faculties and my college mates of dedicating them a post on the Farewell. As promised, I finally come forth with the same. This post is dedicated to all my super awesome batch-mates and the entire staff of VIT Campus. That staff who helped us at every juncture and had a solution for every problem of ours.

I still remember after taking admission, I was both excited and nervous at the same time, just like every other fresher. We had no idea as to how the seniors and teacher would be like. I attribute that mindset to our school where we were treated no less then a kid. But somebody had rightly quoted – College is way too different from school, here’s how:

First Year

As it happens, first few days of the college was like full of seclusion. Though we all set together as batch-mates, but there was hardly one we could talk to. The at most we made conversation with were either our school buddies, our bus partners or if I may say so, all who belong to our locality. To get in the good books of our faculties, there was hardly anything we did not do. We kept our lab-records complete, finished our assignments on time and what not. You name it and we did it.

As First Year came to a close, even we all came closer to each other. We started knowing each other as a person, started sharing our thoughts with one another. We grew fond of each other in ways no one can express in words.

Second Year

Nothing beats the feeling of being a Senior and we too encountered the same in our Second Year of college. It was possibly the only thing that kept us excited for nearly two months as we had our own batch of freshers.  They reminded us of our older days because just our presence made them uneasy. They used to hide whenever we passed by and it was both fun yet we felt sorry for them.

Someone had rightly quoted – Nothing Lasts Forever and this we realized when the  hubbub of introductions got over. The benefit we got was we started knowing our juniors well. Another thing or if I can say event that brought us closer as a class was our Soft-Skills  activity. Travelling through all the small yet different activities made us aware how talented our buddies were.

Even the ending of our Second Year was awesome as we bagged First Position in our Group Play – a part of Soft Skills activity. That one play changed us in all possible manners. We came closer as a family and it was everybody’s effort that we bagged #1 position.

Third Year

This was the year that we actually started understanding each other’s thoughts clearly. Just the gestures and eye movement was enough for that. To add on top, we even started bonding with our faculties in a better way that allowed us to share our problems with them. The level of bonding increased with time and the faculties helped us in all possible manners, be it our attendance, assignments and even notes sharing.

Fourth Year – The  Farewell

Yes, we were finally in our last year. Our Farewell was nearing and we all were quite depressed by it.  Being the last year tall of us tried creating memories to the best way possible. It was one of the most memorable year if I can call it and even my friends would agree to it. Every single day was a memory in itself, be it placement drives, bunking of classes or anything else. Today also I sometimes miss our endless gossips, career plannings and other chit-chats.

None can deny the importance of saying goodbye and our juniors proved it quite well. They gave us the best farewell which I had personally seen over the years.  I still thank them for being so friendly and gracious with us through out our college life.

Now, when I stand here and has already begun my new journey I realize how much things have changed. Let alone things, even people have changed. We are more matured now, and have evolved as a person in ways even I am not aware of. Though it is said that Change is the only Constant of Life. Still, before leaving, I  would just say one thing to all of you :

Never you lose hope, Never you Fail

We are one big Family and we always will be. Keep in touch with each other Forever, no matter where Life takes us in future. Also, never you forget your Manu Bana, who as promises to be in touch with one and all no matter where he resides.

Spending four years ain’t a joke and personally speaking it was a memorable journey, memories of which I will always cherish. Knowing you all was an awesome experience. 🙂

Adieus Amigos. 🙂

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