Couple Friendly rooms in India has gained an eye-raising attention amongst the audience. Thanks to these new startups, we currently know there’s no law which might stop an unmarried couple from booking a room.

Many of the hotel establishments in India hesitate to provide couple friendly rooms. The hotels would insist on presenting the marriage certificate to a couple before providing a room. Many cases appear where the adults getting caught for misbehaving in public. This makes it painful for people who just want some private time away from the snoopy eyes.

So, when it comes to choosing a secure and happy experience which one should a couple choose? Let us dig into the reviews of the two giants battling in the segment of couple friendly hotels.

Oyo Rooms V/s StayUncle

Unmarried couples who wish to rent a room cannot do so as the ‘sex’ talk becomes a tricky topic in India even today. After StayUncle, OYO Rooms has also plunged into the game of providing couple friendly hotels. Oyo rooms have come forth with a new and innovative concept of Relationship Mode for its users. If you are keen on trying this new concept and is wondering on how to activate Relationship Mode on OYO app, follow the steps listed below:

  • Login into your Oyo app
  • Under Accounts, select Single as your Marital Status
  • Activate the Relationship Mode 
  • Turn on your location via  Settings >>Privacy and Safety >> Location (The path might vary for different smartphones)
  • Shake your smartphone to find nearest couple-friendly rooms
Oyo Couple friendly Rooms Relationship Mode


With the onset of Relationship Mode on the application & website, OYO has managed to attract a lot of audience towards them. But, will they be able to surpass the popularity of their competitors? Read ahead to find out.

Does OYO sound better than Stay Uncle?

Unfortunately, NO. After reading a couple of experiences online, its clear that not everyone is happy with the services of OYO and with the overall OYO hotel experience. The customers lashed out their anger on different websites, and two major concerns that made highlight were: detecting hotel location and  unable to complete a booking.

On the contrary, StayUncle’s services appeared satisfactory. They have their network built around only those hotels which allow ‘unmarried couples to share a room’. OYO does the opposite and caters to all kinds of audience leading to confusion about the different policies of the hotels.

Couple Friendly Room service StayUncle accepts local identity proof


Hotels with 3 and 4 stars look for full occupancy and StayUncle provides them as long as you have an identity proof. Many couples who have tried the place, find the services satisfactory. Starting from booking a hotel to checking in, no hassle seemed to trouble StayUncle customers. According to various sources on the internet, this gave an awesome boost to StayUncle as a brand.

Will the concept Stay or Wither Away with Time?

It’s too early to predict anything. With changing times, its expected that people will get accustomed to this concept of couple friendly rooms. If the service provides a safe and workable environment, the percentage of shyness amongst couples would gradually decrease. As both the companies fight to enter the niche sector and mark their presence, they have to deal with a range of factors like the morality of society (combination of parent, local government bodies and the hoteliers). We as Indians, need to understand the maturity of the concept. No matter how much we talk about equality, everyone is aware of the facts. The fact is that our society is still not comfortable with the idea of a guy and a girl holding hands, let alone staying together in a hotel room.

Latest census reveals a startling fact that today the majority of Indian population falls under the age-group of 25-40 years. So, it’s vital that the older generation accepts the change the young folks are trying to bring into the society. It may sound difficult to accept, but Indian parents should now allow their kids to take their life decisions including marriage.

If you are excited to try couple-friendly rooms in your city, connect with either of the two services and do share your experience in the comments section below.

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