Shocking Details why Russia is preparing for World War 3

Shocking Details why Russia is preparing for World War 3


We fear World War 3 might happen during our lifetime. As per NATO General Philip Breedlove, Russia is already prepared for World War 3. The General is a four-star USA Air Force General who has warned USA, Canada, and Europe. He fears that conflicts might emerge in early 2017. The superiority of Russia in military enhancements is seen extending to Naval and Airbase across the Atlantic. Hence, he wants others to keep building a strong military base. The General has recently retired as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

The Western alliance is sending troops and weapons to the region while Russia prepares its own military might. This including deploying nuclear missile launchers along its border. They say that the West is misunderstanding Russia. They assume that it will obey the rules even if we are not willing to enforce them.

The quiet movements and unrest within the countries

Europe is the weakest link and if Russia attacks, it will be completely helpless. Due to Crimea and Syria issues, a battle between Russia and NATO can start anytime. Lately, we have been reading a lot about USA and China’s cold wars about the South China Sea. On the other hand, the North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un’s launch of nuclear weapons is adding the possibility of starting a World War 3 anytime.


Kim Jong Un planning to launch nuclear weapons hinting world war 3

Besides this, India was recently attacked by the Pakistan’s forces which have angered the Indians and wants nothing less than a war to teach Pakistan a lesson. The General wants the NATO to improve its intelligence frequently to keep them updated on the latest events. This might help to prevent World War 3. According to Breedlove, Russia has grown extremely aggressive in the past few years. The Russian President Vladimir Putin is often saying that the Army of Russia is polite but threatening. It’s impossible to defeat it.

Russia has been grabbing land and becomes a strong opponent of USA and NATO. Breedlove fears that Russia can quickly enter Europe and can cut USA and Canada out. It can easily gain control over shipping lanes and space across the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, this, China has officially informed its citizens to prepare for World War 3.

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