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Parenting a Teenager – Keep Things Calm


ACCEPT IT ! The teenagers are smart, more intelligent and definitely more career-oriented today. A fact that has made Parenting a Teenager no less than a burden for many out there. Not only communication gap, but there are many other unspoken reasons behind this change.

It is important to confess that the points are never-ending but still let’s take a short peek at some. It will also help every parent understand as to what makes their teenagers tick.

Though there are different viewpoints that exist on How to parent a teenager? Still, I have jotted down some basic points that every parent should exercise to have a smooth journey of parenthood:

  • Self Expectations :  As a parent, we sometimes ask too much from our kids. We must understand that despite the fact that they look bigger not everyone gets that understanding. Though being grown-ups, they sometimes lack maturity something which troubles them.
  • Invite Friends for a Get-together : The best way of understanding a teenager is by knowing their friends.  Outright rejection of going out can lead to drastic outcomes. Better invite your child’s friends at home and get to know them in a better and friendly way.
  • Let them Identify themselves : Yes, some parents even force their teenagers to do something that is not to their liking. The parents must give their kids the freedom to explore themselves. They must realize their potential and proceed on the pathway of making their own stand in the society.
  • Accept the Changes : As parents, the teenager expects you to understand her/his behavioral and hormonal changes. At this stage, it’s important for them to  understand the reasons for this change.  In case, they do not, it might lead to some drastic effects. So, if you feel your kid has suddenly started showing more interest in her/his physical appearance then simply ask these questions:
    • Are you noticing any physical changes in him/her?
    • Is your teenage child having any kind of strange feelings?
    • Does your child gets upset on petty issues without any reason?

These are just some points that parents must take care of. However, when I did some research on what the teenagers themselves got to say, I found another interesting yet important list of points that makes these kids go rebellious and irritates them to the core hence giving them a bad rap. Let’s sneak into that as well:

  • Redirection of ThoughtsAs teenagers, the kids want their parents to listen to them. Lack of communication only hinders the growth. Teenage life is all about experiments and the parents must let them do so. It helps the kids learn and face the harsh realities of life. They learn to fight with their self-generated outcomes before they actually step out in the open.
  • Academic Comparisons : YES, Another important point that irritates the teenagers these days. More than the constant nagging of studying, kids get irritated when the parents start comparing them with other kids of their age.”Sharma Ji ke bete ke 90 marks aaye out of 100″  has nothing to do with your kid’s intelligence. The kids want their parents to understand their calibre and accept it gracefully.  Not everyone is born intelligent right.?
  •  Interruption in Privacy : Privacy Concerns just at the age of 15-16..?  Sounds weird no..? But, yes this point correlates to a lot of teenage kids these days since in the teen years, every kid gets conscious of her/his own identity and in the self-decision approach involuntarily starts hiding things which definitely isn’t a good thing. The kids want their own space and ME time, so give them that and things would be fine.
  •  Communicate Openly : Keeping a check on the whereabouts of a teenager is a different thing and surrounding them under illogical constraints a completely different scenario. Parents confusion on the same can drastically irritate the child even more.
  • Practice Kindness : Yes, being Kind matters a lot to the child. Some parents in the heat of things often speak things that hurt the child both mentally and emotionally.  A proper check on this can go a long way in keeping your child happy. A popular quote read:

“The absolute best way to raise kind kids is to be kind parents.”

Though I am no parent, but still I understand the perception well enough. It would change only when both the parents and the children try maintaining a balance in their thoughts. Raising a teenager isn’t that difficult if the parents do keep a check on the above said points and allow their kids to become a part of important family decisions.

You can also read additional tips on parenting teenage boys for giving your children the right atmosphere. It will also help you in understanding your child in a better way.

Signing off:
Manu Mathur

Manu Mathur

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  • Cami
    Cami | December 24, 2016

    Smart thnkiing – a clever way of looking at it.

    • Star
      Star | May 15, 2017

      That insight solves the problem. Thanks!

      • Manu Mathur
        Manu Mathur | May 15, 2017

        I am glad you feel that ways post reading the blog post.

        Thanks a lot.

    • Manu Mathur
      Manu Mathur | May 15, 2017

      Thanks a lot Cami for the appreciation.

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